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Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

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Post by Melo Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 am

Even though Ashur had enjoyed his time on the magnarail, he was happy to be outside again. There was something about the sky that a fake one just couldn't really replicate. He definitely wouldn’t have minded if their trip had taken a while longer, though. He would have to get back to the real work: training, setting up a new life, and whatever else would come with it.
With the capture of Kali-en, Sayrn hadn’t really proven to be welcoming.  As he was apprehended, Ashur tried to make eye contact.  Ashur knew he wouldn’t be able to interfere with this.  Would he need help later? It didn’t seem that damn ghost would help at least. “Act normal.” He whispered as the group gathered. He didn’t want any of them trying to be a hero. The last damn thing he wanted was their cover blown.

Ashur sighed “We’ll need a map.” He looked at Naya “I’ll put you on that task. There’s probably some information desk close by.”  He then shifted his attention to the rest of the group. “In meantime, I want you guys to come with me. There’s something I want to do.”  He then asked if there were any questions, anything else someone wanted to be done right now.  But nobody really had anything that urgent. “Okay, we’ll meet you here again later, Naya.”

Ashur, Zephyr and Krom left the station. Ashur looked around, before nodding his head to the side “This way.”  The further they walked, the thinner the crowd became.  The short walk brought them only a short distance from the station, about two-hundred meters. They ended up next to the track of the same magnarail they had been on, which was still unloading its many passengers. The only thing separating them from the rails was a metal fence that wasn’t even that long.  “We’ll have to hurry. That thing isn’t going to stand there forever. You two keep watch.”   Though Ashur wasn’t sure if the other two exactly knew what he wanted to accomplish, but they would do what was asked anyway.  He at least assumed that they knew it was nullomancy related. It didn’t matter, Ashur started climbing the fence.  

It was still silent as he reached the top. Good, it seemed they hadn’t been noticed. It wouldn’t bode well if they were.  He jumped off on the other side. As he inspected the ground, he trailed his finger across the path the magnarail would take. After half a minute he would stumble upon a small pyramid-like spike sticking out of the ground. Upon closer inspection, there were more of these forming a line, one about every five meters. Ashur nodded and smiled as he placed down the granite jewelry box he had bought on the train next to the spike. The box was filled with multiple empty crystals.

As soon as the deed was done, he got the hell out of there. He managed to get on top of the fence again when a whistle was heard: the train was leaving. He jumped down and smiled at his companions “Success.” As soon as he said that, the immense train passed them by. Ashur could only hope he didn’t somehow screw up.  It would be great to take the least possible risks, at least for now.
Ashur went back to the box as soon as the train had passed. The box itself wasn’t really in the best of states. The electrical discharge from the magnarail had left its mark. But it were the crystals inside that were important.

“So, what exactly was achieved this day?” Zephyr asked him as he presented them the battered box. “Let’s find out.” Ashur opened the box and took out one of the charged crystals. He observed it for a second. The charge inside the crystal gave it a dim, grey color. He reached for his pouch, taking out an empty crystal. In the hand with the charged crystal, he created a plate of iron, smaller than the palm of his hand, using his own nullomancy. He placed the charged crystal firmly in his hand, and then put the plate on top of it. He shoved the empty one beneath the plate. The contact of the two crystals in Ashur’s hand released the magnetic charge inside; the iron plate flew into the air, repelled by the crystal. Ashur grinned “Exactly what I wanted.” Ashur put the now two empty crystals with the rest of the empty ones. The rest of the magnetic crystals he put away somewhere else. He did of course not want to discharge those too. “Well, that worked. Let’s get back to Naya.”

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by balis Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:00 am

As soon as he cleared himself from the guard, Kron went running off toward Kali-en. He slowed down as he got closer, and tried to think of a way to warn him.
That idiot. How could he manage to screw up so badly so often? Worst part is, the guards even knew he was a thief.
He could not let him go to prison without at least a warning, given his luck and idiocy, if the guards discovered he was a Null it would lead to a disaster for their group.
Looking up, Kron realized that the guards were going toward a heavily guarded building. The building in itself was pretty small, which meant that the cells were probably underground.
“No way to plan a quiet break out then”.
Kron sprinted up ahead and entered a bar on a nearby street.
“Your cheapest beer please”.
The bartender looked him up and down before firmly answering “show me the money first”.
Did he look that poor?
After getting his beer, Kron quickly located a quiet and out of sight corner before dropping the beer on his face and shirt. He got back on the main street and went walking slowly toward Kali-en and his escort.
As they got closer, he went and put his back against a wall as the guards passed him. As soon as he was clear from their suspicion, he jumped at one of the guard and started shooting:
“hey! Get away from me! You crazy drunk piece of shit”, the guard hit Kron on his shoulder with the pommel of his sword, and tried to shove him. Kron did not let it go until he saw that Kali-en recognized him.
He let himself shoved away against the wall, took on pleading, whimpering voice and said: “but they will see me, they will rip through my clothes and see my skin.. I-I can’t! I need to hide!”.
“What the hell is he talking about?”. A second guard came through Kron’s vision, and said:
“Leave him be, he’s drunk and probably not right in the head”, he looked at Kron with deadly eyes “Get lost or you’ll regret it”.
Well, he did all he could, it was up to Kali-en now. Kron decided nonetheless to follow them until he was inside the building, he had the bad feeling that Kali-en could somehow managed to screw his situation even more.
What was the huge guy on about?
“They will rip through his clothes and see his skin”?
Has the guy finally gone mad or something? It wouldn’t be surprising, knowing that Kali-en was the sanest guy in the group.
As he got close to the building, a nagging sensation kept creeping on him, demanding his attention. He missed something, probably important. The group then stopped as the guards on duty told them too.
One of the guards, highest ranked amongst the escort, still below Adril though, but he looked the real deal.
“What is going on?” he asked, annoyed to be stopped in the middle of the street with what he apparently genuinely believed to be a high risk prisoner.
“Sorry sir, we just received order, the prisoner is to be taken to east outpost”
What? No no no no no, bad idea, very bad idea!
“What? Why is that?”
“I don’t know sir, the order directly came from a general”
The guard crossed his arm, annoyed.
“We will not move from here until you show us the order, authenticated of course”.
“Sir, you know we can’t do that, so as to reduce the possibility to fake an order, they can only be seen by a select few”
As the guard opened his mouth to replicate, Adril stepped in front of him, an amiable expression on his face.
“Now now Rudy, let’s not get worked up over this. The outpost is only 25 minutes away; I’d certainly appreciate the walk. I know that you have family obligations and that you can’t be late, so don’t worry about this one and go end your shift”.
“But sir I –“
Adril lost his smile: “It’s an order Rudy”.
“Yes sir”.
“Now Klein, let’s go”.
The east outpost, the one reputed to be guarded only by Ash’s pawns. The situation just got a LOT more complicated.

“I knew it”. Kron went running back toward the others to warn them.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by -_CreepeR_- Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:52 pm

After the crystal shenanigan was done with and Ashur got his hands on some repel charge the group returned to the station entrance. One thing was starting to slowly bug all of them – despite the commotion with Kali-en getting arrested and Ashur actually managing to show some creativity with nullomancy the ghostly bastard has not shown his face. In fact come to think of it, none of them have seen or heard from Arbos since the past night. Ashur glanced at the others and shook his ring again. One way or the other they needed the spectre to get into the rebel hideout.
“Where is this bastard when you need him…” Ashur mumbled to himself.
It was at this moment that the group noticed Kron; running back to them from whatever shindig he was busy with. He stopped for a second to catch his breath and then determinately pointed his hand in the direction he came from.
“The thief is being taken for interrogation! We have to help him before they reach the station or whatever.” He blurted out.
Zeph raised an eyebrow.
“Why? I mean, not to be a stick in the mud, but the guy is not exactly buddy-buddy with us.”
“Agreed” Ashur nodded. “Not to mention we’ll risk being exposed as nulls if we fight now.”
Kron grumbled.
“Us being exposed is exactly what’s GOING to happen. Do you think they will let him keep his clothes for this? No, they will take his weapons and his clothes…”
“…And see the crystals on his skin!” Ashur rubbed his eyes in frustration. “Alright, we’re gonna save the thief. Kron, show the w-“
“Let the thief be.” Sudden raspy voice interrupted him.
The group turned around to see a dishevelled old man standing in front of them. He was dressed in ripped rags, long dishevelled beard had all kinds of muck in it and the frail anorexic figure gave out a street beggar.
“’Scuse me?” Ashur raised an eyebrow.
“I said, leave the idiot thief be, you fairy moron.” The beggar replied with venom in his voice and theatrically spat out on the ground.
Ashur’s heart sank for a moment.
“No, I’m the fairy fucking godmother. Who do you THINK?”
“…And the old man?”
Arbos shrugged.
“A beggar off the street. Near death by all accounts. Thought I was the damn grim reaper hahah.” He reached behind his back, pulled out a hot dog and took a hearty bite. “We’ve got something of an amicable agreement: he lt’s me use his body freely and I keep him alive. Win-win for both of us. Now back to my original point – forget the thief, he can take care of himself.”
“But if we don’t help him the city guard will find out he’s a null!” Kron protested.
Arbos shrugged again.
“So? If it comes to that he will just kill them all and escape. There are no nullomancers in Sayrn garrison police; he will have an easy time of it. Though if it makes you feel better you can go and help. I’m sure that a wanted criminal tossing lightning bolts left’n’right and a giant man-bear-pig with a metal arm will not attract any attention from the marshals at all.” Arbos replied sarcastically and scratched his beard.
Kron growled and gave Arbos a death stare.
“Arlight alright. Where’s the thunderpussy?” Arbos sighed.
“She went to buy a map.” Zeph replied.
“A map? Why in the flying fuck?” Arbos turned to him in surprise. “If you guys do not know the exact location how exactly is a MAP going to help? Or did you expect to see it marked ON the map? “Hwy yes, here we have three restaurants, a museum and oh lookie here, here it is, the Secret Sayrn Headquarters of the Anti-Imperial Rebellion. On the corner of 9th and Maple Street, second door on the right. Office hours on Tuesdays and Fridays nine till five”? Yes I can totally see how that would be useful.” Arbos spat out again as Ashur discreetly coughed into his fist. “Alright Kron, go grab the selkie and follow Kali-en. Make sure that moron does not cause too much of a ruckus on his way out. Do everything discreetly then meet us on Verdinant Square in the eastern ghetto. Kali-en will know the way, cause yanno, he fucking lives here. Ashur, Zeph and I will go ahead and try to make our way into the HQ.”
Ashur turned to Arbos.
“Would it be better then if we all went together and you made your way to the rebels on your own? I mean, we’re not exactly needed for you to act all high and mighty in front of the rebels.”
Arbos shook his head.
“No. Putting aside that all of you together in one group are about as stealthy and subtle as a jackhammer to the balls, I need backup. I’ve no idea what we’re walking into and this body is not exactly built for battle.”
He looked at the silent question on everyone’s faces, sighed and continued.
“…And despite the popular opinion having my host die while I’m possessing him is not exactly free of repercussions. I’ll get scattered, and it will take a long time and a lot of effort to reconfigure my form. Upwards to a month in fact, so I need you guys to be there in case of anything going south. Besides finding a new body would be a pain in the ass. Got it? Now off with you!”
Kron nodded and took off running on his way to get Naya.
Arbos turned to Zeph and Ashur and waved his hand.
“Follow me, we need to get as far away from the magna rail as quickly as we can.”
Wit that the trio quickly made their way out of the square and mixed in with the crowd.


Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 DancingDevil

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by Sayo-chan! Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:08 am

She pulled her cloak out of her backpack as she left the group behind. She really didn’t want to draw any attention in this strange place. She pulled the hood over as far as it could go and kept her head down to hide her bright eyes. She followed the large crowd leaving the stations main entrance and made her way to the main road. As she left the building she was hit by a large gust of dusty wind. She grabbed her hood, stopping it being blown back and covered her eyes with the other hand. Through the gaps in her fingers she looked at the city. The skyline was filled with incredibly tall buildings. They were all made of the same soft yellowy coloured stone, most of them looking quite weathered. The lower parts of the buildings were partially obscured by what seemed like a constant sandy haze. Most of the people walked around with cloaks and scarves wrapped around their bodies, she even spotted one crystal powered carriage, no doubt carrying some super rich citizen. She spotted a group of shops to her left and headed towards them.

She perused each stall looking for a map. Frustratingly none of them sold a map. She asked the last shopkeeper where she could buy one and he directed her to a small cartographer shop around the corner of the station. She thanked the shopkeeper and stepped out onto the streets again. She easily found the shop and bought a map of the city using nearly all of her remaining cash. She’d have to get the others to pay her back for this. She packed the map in her bag and left the shop. As she walked around the corner she spotted Kron standing in the street, one hand trying to protect his eyes. With his big bulk and strange clothes he stood out far too much. After a second of continued searching he noticed her and jogged over.
“Forget the map. We need to go save that idiot Kali-en” he said gruffly.
“For Gods sake... I just bought one! Can’t he make up his mind?”
“It was Arbos that sent me. C’mon, I saw them take him this way” he said as he ran off in a random direction.
Naya grumbled under her breath before she ran and easily caught up with Kron.
“Where’s the ghost been all this time anyway?” she asked as they ran.
“Went to find a body, he came back with an old homeless guy”
Oh great. She hoped that wasn’t going to be a burden if they got into a fight. And she was almost certain that this situation with Kali-en was bound to lead to some sort of trouble.

They ran on for a few minutes before they turned down a street with a large and guarded building at the end. He pulled her into a narrow alley before they got into eyesight of the two guards at the front.
“This was the last place I saw him, I think they took him inside, probably to holding cells or something”
She subtly poked her head around the corner to take another look at the building.
“If he is inside we’re gunna have some trouble helping him. If I can get closer I can probably pick up his scent. To do that though... I’m going to have to kill those guards.”
“Wont that alert anyone in the building?”
“Let’s hope not” she said as she strung her bow.
She pressed her back to the wall and knocked an arrow. She put tension into the string, took a deep breath and stepped out. The first guard dropped with an arrow between his eyes, the second started to scream before an arrow found his throat turning his scream into a horrible gurgling noise. She motioned for Kron to follow her and ran towards the building. Luckily they were both hunters and made very little noise even as they ran. Before they reached the building, Naya picked up Kali-en’s scent. She thrust her arm out, stopping Kron in his tracks. She took a few sniffs and stepped forward. It didn’t lead into the building, this was good.
She stepped closer to Kron and whispered “I’ve found his scent. Thankfully it doesn’t lead into the building. They must have taken him somewhere else. Let’s go.”
He nodded in understanding. She strapped her bow onto her back, not having the time to stand around and unstring it. She set of running down the next street, following the scent of Kali-en and his guards. Nearly a minute later she heard voices far behind them. She quickened her pace, wanting to get more ground between them and anyone who came after them. Luckily, Kali-en and his capturers had taken turns every so often which would make it harder for them to be tracked.

They ran for a good few minutes before Naya heard heavy foot steps ahead. She slowed down with Kron doing the same behind her. It was a good thing they had stayed to empty side streets and alleys otherwise she would have never heard the guards footsteps. She peeked around the corner and spotted Kali-en and the guards who took him.
“Now what?” Kron asked.
“We follow them I guess. We don’t know what these guys are capable of.”
She looked around and noticed that the windows on the nearby buildings had deep set windows, probably to protect from the wind.
“Do you think you can follow them silently on the ground?”
He looked at her questionably but nodded.
She pulled off her cloak and stuffed it into her bag. She was going to need the full use of her tail for this. She faced the wall and pushed her claws out. She reached up and let them grip onto the stone, followed then by her feet. She climbed slowly, being careful not to make much noise. All the buildings in the area were four storeys or higher. She stuck to the fourth storey and leapt between window ledges, using her long tail to help balance herself. She looked down and saw Kron hiding in an alleyway a short distance ahead. They continued trailing the group until they hit the edge of the city. They appeared to be heading towards some sort of tower in the distance. Naya sat on the ledge of the last building, watching as they walked out of the city. Damn, now what should they do?

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by balis Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:37 am

He quickly looked at the hourglass embedded on the wall:  quarter of an hour left. He still had not managed to decipher the puzzle in front of him since he had first discovered it 3 weeks ago. It drove him mad: he knew that puzzle was the only obstacle between him and his former boss’ treasure.
It was not money, no, money he already had plenty, and they were hidden on other safes on other floors.
No, this treasure was the key to his success, to how his former boss had managed to outlive each of his enemies, killing them or making them his personal servants.
How he wished he had discovered this box before, he might have found a way to force the solution out of him. But now it was too late, as said boss was lying dead in his private room, throat cut. The lieutenant never understood why he would take his own life: he was by no means old, and his business was at its peak. As far as he knew nobody could have driven him to that desperate state one usually is in when committing suicide. It did not add up. The problem is that there was no other logical explanation.
The Lieutenant looked at the hourglass again, and quickly closed the lid of the box, ending the puzzle.
It was a close one; he did not want to lose another finger. The first time he discovered the box under Ash’s bed, he had not known there was a watchdog timer. He guessed each time you opened the lid of the box, some mechanism would charge two crystals with pressure and fire, and as soon as they were charged, which would take roughly an hour, they would discharge right in front of the puzzle, taking someone’s face, or only a finger for those who were very fortunate and quick-to-react.
He sighed. Another twenty-four hours lost. His “informative session” with the boss was now over. He would now need to come out and “relay” orders, for appearances’ sake.
He got out of the room and up a floor to meet with the other lieutenants waiting for his for Ash’s orders.
“Klein’s finally back in town, what does the boss want to do?”
Same condescending tone as ever, accompanied with the smug grin. Each one knew that it was now The Lieutenant calling the shots, but nothing was official, the underlings did not suspect anything. And so, everyone had to follow this same masquerade.
“Has he been brought over?”
“He’s on the way to the East outpost as we speak”
“Good, who was used to fetch him?”
That made The Lieutenant stop. He looked at the one who answered all his questions.
“Adris? You used Adris for Klein?”
As The Lieutenant expected, cracks appeared on Alric’s mask of confidence as he began to hesitate.
“Well, no one else was available, and I know that the boss wanted him arrested as soon as he set foot in Sayrn”
The Lieutenant put the palm of his hand on his forehead. This idiot had managed to give a logical reason for his choice, but he needed him to think he was wrong, without knowing why. It was part of the show after all.
“Send four sentinels to watch him, no intervention whatever happens”
Another of the lieutenant, Sennetic, spoke: “About that matter, they require a meeting with you; apparently it’s time to renegotiate the contract”.
“I will go shortly, anything else?”
A third lieutenant, Ivan: “A low ranking thief got caught by the city guard, looks like he’s going to snitch on the 34th hideout”.
“34th? They’re taking care of the new passengers from the magnarail right? We can’t afford to lose that place.”
“No we can’t, that’s why I sent 2 officers down there, one to vacate the premises and the other to find a way to silence the little rat… Did I overstep myself?”
One thing The Lieutenant appreciated about Ash was his ability to let his lieutenants loose. It required the ability to recognize decision makers and, worst of all, to trust them to some extent.
“No, come back to me as soon as you have any progression on this. Anything else?”
No answer. Good, now he needed to find that damned contract if he did not want to renegotiate it at a loss.
An hour later, The Lieutenant entered the Sentinels territory. The border between Ash’s territory and the Sentinels’ was not clearly traced. Well, officially they were, but no one had ever been able to tell if a Sentinel had crossed the territory or not.
He did not like that place, it was always filled with some incense odors, and it was dark.
An awful dark. The shadows you usually find during the night were never there. The darkness you felt in here was not the one you could feel when you turn off the lights at home.
“State your reason for entering our territory”
The quiet voice startled The Lieutenant a lot more than he thought was possible. He had been on guards since he had left the fortress, but the sentinel had still manage to get less than half a meter in front of him without him noticing. That ought to teach someone some humility.
“I am here to represent Ash as the negotiator of the blue contract”.
“Proceed”. The whisper, barely audible, came from behind him.
A moment after The Lieutenant resumed his walk, he hit a wall squarely.
“Damn that shit, I’m lighting my torch!” He fumbled through his pockets, but eventually managed to light one.
“Wh-What?”, even though he knew the torch was lit, that he sensed the heat when putting his hand directly above it, he could not see, smell, or hear it.
A wave of panic engulfed him as his mind started to realize that his body had just lost three of his five senses.
“Now now, be at ease, nothing good will come out if you remain in this state”
There was a clapping sound near his ears, and suddenly, everything flooded back to him, the light of his torch, its crackling noise, the burnt odor.
The relief was so intense he almost wet himself.
That would have been a sight.
After getting his bearings back, he checked his surroundings and realized with horror that only a small area around him was visible, after which everything was pitch black. Still, he was able to see a relaxed old man in front of him. He wore a grey skull mask, his clothes were a mixture of dark grey and black.
Weirdly enough, the man worked as an anchor for The Lieutenant, allowing him to retain his sanity, and some of his pride.
“Are you the Sentinel’s commander?”
“I am the one who will negotiate with you”.
The Negotiator then. According to Ash’s data about the Sentinel, their “organization” was controlled by three different entities: the Commander, the Negotiator and the Peacemonger. 
“From what I understand, I am the one supposed to open the negotiations, but to be honest, if we could just conclude on the exact same contract I- Ash would be very happy with it”
“You did not state your identity”
“Huh? Ah, I am The Lieutenant”
“The lieutenant? I am unfamiliar with this rank, what does The Lieutenant do?”
The Lieutenant clearly heard the change of tone, the spark of interest in The Negotiator’s voice. Interesting.
“Ah, but knowledge has a price”
Even though he could not see him, The Lieutenant could clearly imagine the broad smile in his interlocutor’s face as he heard him: “Very true, very true. The only price I can see for knowledge is knowledge?”
“Fine. Let me think a little bit”
“Of course”.
He did not really need to think, but he had to play his card right if he wanted to extract the most of this exchange as possible.
“Hum, then tell me this. How do you create this?” With his arm, The Lieutenant encompassed all the darkness beyond the visible area.
“The best way to fill your lack of knowledge would be to tell you the source of our power, don’t you agree?”
“I do”
“Our powers come from our beloved Nyxis, Goddess of Shadows and Night, True Leader of Darkness”
“True Leader? Why? Is there someone, or something, else claiming that title?”
No answer. The Negotiator stood impassively.
“Ah, but I forget myself. ‘The Lieutenant’ is a rank akin to The commander, but with more power”
The Negotiator shook his head.
“Having a Commander doing the negotiation is ungraceful”
“Ah, but one with the rank of Lieutenant also oversight every financial decisions, even though Ash, the Leader, has the final word”
Well, thank goodness he had managed to find and read Ash’s report on the Sentinel. It was very detailed, and every encounter with them was put in it. Thinking about it, two things were off about this report.
First, it was written as if in destination to someone else.  He still had not managed to find any clues on that point.
Second, some parts were obviously removed. After examining the report closely, he had concluded that the missing parts would not impair his negotiations, and decided to save this matter for another time.
“I believe it is your right as the ‘Asker’ to begin the negotiation”
Did the guy just ignore him earlier?
“Hum, as I said earlier, if we could just conclude on the exact same contract ‘The Leader‘ would be very happy with it”
“No. As per the chapter sixteen of our contract, we can and will negotiate higher prices”
“Ah, hum, I see. What do you have in mind?”
“The stones delivery will be raised by ten per six nights”
Great, still according to the report, Ash had anticipated and already made the adaptations for a raise of fifteen stones.
“Ten? Aren’t you asking a little too much?”
“That is not all. We want the seventh night to be extended to five hours before the end of the sixth night and after the beginning of the first night”
Juggling the numbers from memories, The Lieutenant understood that they were asking to change the “working” hours for the Sentinels. Instead of being available six days a week with twenty-four hours per day, they would only be until five hours before Sunday’s sunrise, and 5 hours after Monday’s sunset.
So basically, they were asking for two more days of rest. Couldn’t they just say so?
The Lieutenant gave the image of thinking it over.
“Hum, ten more stones and changing the hours of the seventh night is quite a lot, don’t you think?”
“I do.”
“I think I will need to confer with The Leader, but I could probably negotiate eight stones per six nights and extending the seventh night to five hours before the end of the sixth night and after the end of the seventh night”
“No, ten stones per six nights”
“I am not certain The Leader would agree to these terms”
The Lieutenant’s shoulders slumped. He looked the perfect disheartened man, searching for a way out of some imaginary dilemma. He then looked up, eyes shining with a brilliant idea.
“Ah! If you answer another of my question, I will try my best to convince The Leader. He is quite fond of Knowledge as a bargaining price.”
“What is this question?
“Earlier, you said that Nyxis was the True Leader of Darkness, why use the word ‘True’? Is there someone else out there claiming for that title?”
“Hmm, please wait a moment here, I need to speak with the two heads”
“Of course”
The Lieutenant regretted those words as soon as he said them. As his anchor left, the pitch darkness outside the visible area became a lot more ominous.
But that is not all. He began to hear whispers, closing in on him. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Holding his torch firmly, he tried to move a little to the side but realized to his horror that the visible area was not moving with the torch, as if there was a fixed border between the visible area and the blackness outside it. He felt the panic taking over again. His animal instinct engraved in his body seemed to ignore his mind as he realized that he was going to throw the torch at the “wall” of blackness.
But before he did so, his anchor appeared again, with the same skull mask, on the other side.
Or was it the same side he had appeared the first time? He could not tell.
What I could do if I managed to get my hands on this power.
“We discussed, and decided that the bargain you propose is a fair one”
No it is not, you piece of shit.
Interesting, was the fear making him angry?
“The Liar. Great Deceiver who toyed with the Gods’ hearts and destroyed them. He is worse than any evil you could imagine. He claimed to himself the shadows, the darkness, even though they are hers to play with! Every other night our Goddess remembers his foul acts, trying to destroy the relationship between a daughter and a mother! “
“Ah, seems like quite the bad guy, what is his name?”
“WAS! He was punished, and none too soon!”
“Yeah ok, but his name?”
So many questions appeared in his mind when he heard that name.
But first things first.
“But I don’t understand, this Arbox Xell, is he a God himself?”
Well, someone is worked up. Good.
He just got the most important information he wanted: it was possible to control this darkness without the help of a Goddess.
“Arbos Xell. Why does this name sound so familiar? Hmm”
“It cannot, his story dates from more than two hundred years ago”.
The Negotiator seemed to regain his composure. Some of it anyway, as he was still answering the Lieutenant’s questions freely, but his time was counted.
“Really? Something’s buggering me though, I know I’ve heard the name somewhere..”
Ah.. could it be.. ?
“The Empire!”
“What of the Empire?”
“The Xeleth Empire! That is why it sounded so familiar! Do you- ”
The Negotiator’s reaction was so unexpected that The Lieutenant had to pause in the middle of his question.
When he was worked up before, his body was still in a relaxed posture. Only by the tone of his voice did The Lieutenant know that the Negotiator was angry or worked up. But this reaction was on a whole new level.
As The Lieutenant was speaking, the Negotiator got up and remained completely still. There was not a single movement. Nothing. The Lieutenant could not decide what his body language represented.. Fear? Anger?
Well, time to go.
“Ah, I think it is time for us to part ways. The negotiations are completed.”
No answer.
The Lieutenant turned… and stopped.
“Hum.. Could you point me at the right direction to my territory please?”
No answer.
The Lieutenant waited, he was in no position to do otherwise anyway.
Soon the whispers came back, but only from his left side. When he looked at the direction, a “tunnel of light” appeared.
“Thank you.”
As The Lieutenant got back to Ash- to his fortress, he was greeted by two of his lieutenants, Alric and Sennetic. The last one spoke first.
“How was the meeting with them?”
“Quite fruitful. On that matter, I have a new assignment for you.”
He handed him the papers he had prepared before entering the fortress, giving order to research three different fields: “Arbos Xell”, “The history and granted divine power related to the Goddess Nyxis”, “The effect of light and darkness on crystals”.
“The effect of light and darkness on crystals? Arbos Xell? What are those researches for?”
“They are linked to the source of power of the Sentinels, I want to discover where that power comes from and if it’s possible to rip it for ourselves, might be cheaper.
“Ah. Arbos Xell.. Is he related to the Xeleth Empire?”
Damn, that guy is fast.
“I think so. Did you send the four Sentinels to look after Klein?”
“Yeah, they departed as soon as they received some messages from their superiors, probably to tell them that the negotiations were successful.”
It happened as Naya was watching at the limit of the buildings, it was so fast that she barely managed to catch two flash of blue-white light distinctive to electricity.
“Wh-what’s going on?”
As she squinted her eyes, she saw that everyone had collapsed, apart from Kali-en, who stood away and visibly exhausted, and the “chief” of the escort, who was, at the time of the flashes, some meters in front of the group. Another soldier was getting up, but he was not in the midst of the others, as if he had been blown away.
What had just happened?
“Well, no time to think”.
She took her bow out, nocked an arrow, drew back the string until the tension was almost unbearable, and let fly at the chief. The distance between her and her target was such that she could not shoot the arrows at the speed she usually did. She did not have time to shoot another one as the remaining soldier reached Kali-en.
They were midway inside the “no man’s land” when Kali-en had just finished analyzing the six soldiers escorting him, and had decided to take action.
This place was commonly named like that becauseas soon as Ash had confirmed his hold on the East Outpost, he had created a region wherein no one was allowed to enter without the presence of soldiers. This region, devoid of buildings or any other elements that might hinder one’s sight, was big enough that when in the middle, nothing was visible from either side.
Well, not nothing, but just enough to hide any Nullomancy powers and effectively add a good fighting reputation to someone planning to take on six soldiers at once, plus an “officer”.
Now that he had decided to take action, he still needed to decide on which crystals to use. He knew that two soldiers on each side of him had to be simultaneously put down, as they had their hand on their sword and were ready to strike at the slightest disturbance.
He should probably use electricity on them; he read from a book a while ago that applying a certain amount of electricity on the neck of someone would put them down, whatever their body. He also read that water could be used to better conduct said electricity, although he would probably have to blast, probably with wind, his way out of his escort in order to avoid any damage to himself.
It had already been more than ten minutes that Kali-en was keeping his concentration on his water limbs, expanding them around the escort, in a way that by the end of those minutes, each targeted soldiers were surrounded, but not touched, by an invisible layer of water. Those layers were connected to each other, and formed a ‘T’, as there were three targets.
Now for the difficult part, he would need to maintain his concentration in order to manipulate limbs of three different crystals at the same time. He stopped walking, closed his eyes and immediately entered his trance; he did not have much time. He went in the deepest level he could manage, the level where he could control perfectly each of his muscles and organs… and “nullomantic limbs”.
“Oy, why did you stop?”
The voice came from so far away that Kali-en did not even understand it.
He prepared two electricity limbs, which would be used on the two targets he had previously selected, right behind their neck.
“Hahaha, he must have realized in how much shit he’s in right now! Little late for that, don’t ya think?”
He extended two limbs, those two would hit the center of the water “cross” he had created, and that linked the three remaining soldiers.
“Oy! Look at his back, he’s shining!”
That last limb was the harder to control, the wind charge. He did not have any mental strength left, so he decided to abandon the subtlety on that one.
Well then, let’s get to work.
He simultaneously unleashed the two electricity limbs at the targeted soldiers, who dropped as if someone had cut the string holding them. At the same time, he got up to his feet and run toward the remaining soldier behind him on the left side. This one had a spear, but by the time he reacted and tried to block Kali-en, he had blown him away by a blast of wind.
Kali-en ran some meters before releasing, at the same time, his water and electricity limbs. Those lasts hit the ‘T’ shaped water bridge, and electricity was driven in the body of the three remaining soldiers.
Kali-en then “fell ungraciously” to the floor, completely exhausted. He was barely able to retain his consciousness as he saw Adris walking slowly toward him, short sword in hand.
It was a shame that he had exhausted every option he had left. He could not even try anchoring with rocks, his mind refused any tentative to do so. So he watched him get closer and closer, cautiously, wary of other traps Kali-en might have laid.
He smiled. He almost wanted to tell him to get on with it, that he could not possibly have anything more up his sleeve. And then he saw the arrow going right through his throat.
How the hell could someone have this kind of precision at this distance?? The arrow came from the city side, which meant that Kron had managed to convince at least Naya to come to his help.
He looked up.
Ah, not so great.
Apparently blowing away a soldier with a single wind limb was not enough to knock him out, he would have to conduct some tests on that.
But his situation was very, very bad. The soldier had already reached him, his sword already lunging toward his chest.
Crap, he was really devoid of any Nullomancy left.
Time to die then?
“Not so fast”.
“Ah.. it’s been a while since I last saw you, I hope you will excuse me for not bowing, I can’t really get up right now.”
“Don’t worry about that, I’m not one to hold a grudge over some formalities”
Kali-en smiled as he remembered the first time he met and did not bow
“I’m sure you’re not. I don’t really want to anger you, but I don’t see any way you could help me, and I don’t really want to push my luck”
“I figured. You’re in quite a bad state”
“But I cannot let you die just yet”
“Ah? And why so?”
“You know, I have been following for quite a while, you have always surrounded yourself with some interesting personages, some more powerful than others. But to think you would one day follow the infamous Arbos Xell, who is supposed to be dead, that is quite the most exciting thing that has happened to you yet. Really, I look forward to your future.”
“So many words.. Is he really that interesting?”
“You can’t even imagine half of what he did.  In any cases, you are going to die, why not try to push your luck on this matter?”
“Well, see, the fact is, I don’t know what would be worse: dying right now, or living with my luck depleted.”
The man’s eyes shone white for an instant.
“Well, one way would be to let me roll the dice for you”
“Huh? How would that change anything?”
“hmm, put it simply, your ‘Luck credits’ would not be affected by it”
“haha! So I do have a limited amount of luck”
The man looked at Kali-en sternly, “of course, you had not figured it out yet?”
“Well, yes, but it’s better to be sure. And what is in exchange of you rolling the dice for me?”
Again with the white shining eyes. It kinda felt like an ominous sign.
“You will owe me one”
“Ah, fine, let’s get one with it.”
The man briefly smiled before getting completely formal, his eyes shone white continuously now.
“For you to have the time to draw a dagger and throw it at the throat of your assailant, I will roll an eight-faced dice.
To roll one grants you the ability to only draw the dagger.
To roll two enable you to draw and throw that dagger.
Don’t roll three, as you will unfortunately miss your opponent.
Four’s lucky one, as the force at which you throw your opponent will not only kill him, but blow him away.
Five will be your last long day, while six means your last second.
Seven gives you back the reins to your mind.
Eight’s the time given to you to use those reins.”
“I’m sure I should be panicked by the consequences of some of those results, but I’m way too tired for that..”
The man took a weirdly shaped dice and threw it: it spun violently before stopping instantly in front of his face. 
Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 1873134-NP9H64R
He then looked at me, with a pained expression on his face, “six”.
Six? What was it again? He searched through his memories, but his mind still refused any activity.
“Ah, I can’t remember what was six, could you repeat it?”
“six means your last second”
“My last second? Like I die instantly right now?”
“Yes, I am truly sorry for your fate, goodbye”.
Kali-en threw his hand out and formed the universal “stop” sign,
“Wait wait wait wait! Wait, wait”
“There is nothing to do”
“Well, I still can use some of my luck can’t I?”
“Do you want to throw the dice yourself?”
“Hum, yeah.”
“If you make it alive, you will still owe me.
“Yeah yeah I know”
“How old are you?”
“Hum, not sure. I’m probably near my twenty-fifth year… why?”
“Just checking. Here’s your dice”, the man gave Kali-en the eight-shaped dice. As he threw it in the air, it repeated the same process of spinning violently before suddenly stopping at a number.
Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 1873137-6NIHJG2

“two.. what was two?”
“To roll two enables you to draw and throw a dagger”
Kali-en sighed, he guessed that would be as close to death as he could get.
“Well then.
“Indeed, I will come collect your debt when you get stronger, stay alive until then.”
The man turned and started walking away, fading, but he stopped and looked at Kali-en above his shoulder, his eyes were completely black.
“I almost forgot to freely give you two pieces of information: Don’t rely on me anymore, your Luck has almost run out. And listen to the whispers, you’re being followed.”
“Hum, okay? Thanks.. I guess.”
The man vanished.
Kali-en knew that time would soon resume, and so he used his right hand to take a throwing dagger, and aimed at his inner thigh. It hit true, and staggered his assailant enough that his sword strike missed, barely.
His mind still clouded, Kali-en jumped at the soldier, and bit his sword arm. He received some punches on his head, but his mind was already too exhausted to take notice of them. Eventually, the soldier let go of his sword, and bled to death from the dagger wound.
Kali-en collapsed, but did not get any rest as Kron picked him up while Naya was finishing off the soldiers.
“Don’t sleep just yet; we need you to tell us where Verdinant Square is.”
Kali-en grunted, “Ah, you see the outpost from where we are?”
“Yeah and?”
“Some people are running toward us” noted Naya.”
“Yeah, well, the outpost is named ‘East Outpost’, Verdinant Square is in the eastern ghetto. So we kinda have to pass by it.”
Kron grunted : “Think of something, you’re dead meat right now, we can’t really fight with you like this!”
“I can’t really think either hahaha.”
Exasperated, Kron shook Kali-en like a kid would shake defective toy.
“Oh oh oh! Calm down a little, I’m hurt you know!”
“LIKE I CARE!” Kron bellowed.
“Calm down you two! We’re getting nowhere by shouting like that! Kali-en, you must know a way to get past that outpost, you used to live here didn’t you?”
“huh? Why would I want to go past the outpost, there’s only darkness there, it’s usually off limits.”
Kron was getting red with anger, some veins pulsating in his forehead appeared.
Naya sighed, “Kali-en, we want to go to Verdinant Square, could you lead us there?”
“Verdinant Square? It’s in the eastern ghetto, easy to go there really. I once sneaked right past the outpost guards, it was funny, I could see their snorting face as I was stealing there- Oh Oh Oh! What’s going on with you????”
Kron had again shook him to get his attention back, he put him on the floor and went at the four soldiers now only fifteen meters away, one was already on the floor, an arrow in the throat.
Naya kneeled in front of him and placed a hand on his forehead, it was burning. She concentrated a little and began to feel her way through his mind. She immediately gasped. She had previously encountered a mind filled with a maze, but it was done in purpose, with a sense of logic. Kali-en’s mind was.. mad, she did not have any other words that could better fit what she was sensing. A lot of parts were fighting over some territory in his mind, while a larger one was just.. exhausted? Another part, almost equal in size, was just black, empty. Hoping she was not doing any grave mistake, she gently pushed exhausted mind awake, prodding him, until the mind finally began to  push her back, a natural reaction.
She let go of his forehead, and watched his face has recognition entered his eyes.
“Hum, I’m tired.. what’s going on?”
“We don’t have much time, we need you to lead us to Verdinant Square.”
“Yeah, okay, I can’t walk, or even get up, right now. Do you see the biggest watchtower from where you are?”
Naya looked up and around her, in one side there was the city with its building, on the other side the outpost with three watchtowers, the middle one being the tallest.
“Yes I see it”
“On its right you should see tall trees right?”
“Okay, put your right arm outstretched toward the middle between the tallest watchtower and the first tree.”
“Hum, yeah? You’re still with me Kali-en?”
“Yeah don’t worry, now with your left arm outstretched, make a square angle with both your arms, the right one still pointing between the watchtower and the tree.”
“Your left arm should be pointing toward some blue houses?”
“Yes, but there are a lot of them”
“Well, if you made a good square angle, it should point you toward the right house. The blue houses represent the Verdinant Square, I’m guessing the house your arm should be pointing to is the one Arbos wants us to go in. Well then, I’m off to sleep, please kindly ask Kron to take me with you?”
“Yeah Yeah”.
As Kali-en let his mind fall through the layers of unconsciousness, his ears caught up some sounds amidst the recurrent fights between Kron, Naya and the pursuing soldiers. They sounded like.. whispers?
As the four Sentinels stood witness to Kali-en, Naya and Kron’s fights, they decided they would send one to report back, while the three others would continue to follow them.
Half an hour later, when the soldiers had finally given up on the chase, proof that they were corrupted and not true soldiers, they sensed it.
They still had the cloak around them, the whispers accompanying them, illuminating their path in order to remain undetected in the shadows.

But they sensed it. As if they were entering, uninvited and undesired, the domain of someone else. How odds it must have been to them, knowing that the shadows and darkness that were all the property of their Goddess were now refusing them entrance. Did they somehow anger their Goddess? It could not have been that, because the more they recited their mantra, the more repulsive those shadows seemed, they could not follow their prey anymore.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

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The wind howled along the dusty streets as the trio slowly made their way away from the crowds and into the back alleys of the city. Ashur kept looking around, marvelling at the borderline-unbelievable size of the high rises around them. The ancient city emanated pride in having stood the test of time. He found the look of the skyscrapers to be both inviting and yet oddly oppressive. The tattered skyline that barely showed through the jaws of spires and the web of cables strung between the buildings did not invoke any feelings of freedom. Neither did the other thing his eyes picked up quite quickly – the astonishing amount of homeless and sick people on the streets. Coughing, dressed in rags they hugged the corners of the buildings, trying to escape the burning rays of the sun.  Much to his horror Ashur quickly realized that most of them were horribly mutilated by a disease. The boils of puss and blood covered their skin and their features looked more akin to those of a wax doll that was left by the fireplace overnight. The gruesome sight made Ashur’s stomach turn. He looked at Zeph and could tell by his pale face that his friend noticed it too.

“Stop staring you two. Just ignore them.” Arbos spoke out without turning his head.
“What in the gods’ name is going on here…” Ashur murmured to himself.
“Some say plague, some say curse. Others don their tin foil hats and shout about the empire conducting experiments on the homeless. One thing for sure… it’s been like this back in my day too.”
Arbos stopped and turned around scratching “his” beard.
“Either way it only affects those who live here. Nobles believe it to be the dust in the air. Nobody knows what this illness really is. But the rules of conduct apply all the same – don’t stare at them, don’t talk to them and for the love of gods do not touch them.”

Zeph tilted his head. A lingering suspicion creeped into his head. He looked at Arbos intently.
“Nobody? You know EXACTLY what this is don’t you?”
“I do. And may they find a restful passing soon, for not even Liarna herself would be able to help these poor souls… so shut the fuck up and keep walking.”
Arbos lowered his head, turned around continued walking.

They kept walking along the snake-like turns of the back alleys for quite some time, mindful of the spectre’s words. Ashur had decided for himself to find out the truth about the illness, but at the moment that was quite low on his list of priorities; the ghost had turned back onto the crowded roads. The sudden change of scenery nearly gave the two men whiplash – the rich district they entered coexisted shoulder to shoulder with the alleys of death, and no one seemed to mind.
Arbos stopped and looked around gloomily. There wasn’t much to like about this rotten city, but the rotten body he inhabited was pissing him off far more. Seriously, HIM in RAGS? Yeah something pretty much had to be done about that. Finally his eye caught a colourful building adorned with a moustached sign – a luxurious barbershop. He could’ve picked something a bit more subtle, but where’s the fun in that?
He turned to Ashur and Zeph with a spark in his eye.
“Dust yourselves on and put on a serious face. Time for some fun.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Oh you’ll see.”

With a confident stride Arbos headed for the shop. He cut straight through the slow crowd that leisurely strolled along the road paved with blue stone. This was too easy. Even in the frail body of a beggar his movements were too fast for Ashur to follow them with his eyes. In a second he had several pouches of coins in his pocket without as much as a single speck of dust being disturbed on the city folk. Now it was time for the fun part.

With a confident swing he pushed the double doors open and strolled into the foyer with Zeph and Ashur following him closely behind, struggling to maintain a threatening expression.
The receptionist immediately jumped up from his seat with a mix of terror and disgust on his face.
“I’m sorry …sir, you can’t come in here!” His tone reeked of condescension. Boy did he pick a wrong person to use that tone on.
“Huuuuh?” Arbos raised his eyebrow. “I don’t remember permitting you to speak, boy.
He didn’t even have to use nullomancy on this little cherry boy. When it comes to talking with condescension nobody stood a chance against the asshole ghost. The receptionist yelped and signalled the security to come over. Having two larger than life blokes in tight practical black shirts made the receptionist regain some composure and he spoke out again.
“As I said s-sir, you can’t just barge in here like that, we have a.. er.. dress code in here. Please leave immediately!”
Oooh, this was gonna be even more fun than originally thought! Resisting the urge to grin, Arbos forced himself to put on his best expression of anger and disgust and growled.
“Again you dare address me without permission. Who do you think you are, peasant?!”
At the same moment Ashur could swear that the light hitting Arbo’s back formed two words. Cheeky ghost… “Get Rowdy” huh? That he could do. His hands were itching after seeing how the rich ignore the sick and poor anyway! With a quick step in Ashur drew his sword hitting the first guard squarely in the face with the pummel. With a satisfying crack the fragile bone gave way and the unconscious sack of meat collapsed to the ground. Without pausing even for a moment, his sword now free of the sheathe, Ashur twisted around and bitch-slapped the second guard full swing with the side of the blade. A quiet pop could be heard as the guard’s eardrum popped and he also collapsed unconscious. Resisting the urge to say something snappy, Ashur sheathed his blade and returned to Arbos’ side with the same stone faced expression as before.

The shadows on the spectre’s back twisted again to form a different word. “ Bitchin’? Heh, eloquent as always.” Ashur thought to himself.

Arbos could not have handled that better himself. At least one of his toys was not completely useless. Now it was time to continue the charade.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out one of the coin pouches he nicked on the street earlier. Judging by the weight it held at least a handful of gold coins – enough to feed a family for several years. That kind of money could help them greatly with settling in the city, and Arbos knew he had to be careful with how he spent them…

The receptionist yelped again as the heavy pouch of coins, thrown with significant force smacked him straight in the face.
“Your best stylist. Now! And get me a good suit. Black. I don’t care that you don’t sell them. Get on with it, you sack of peasant shit!”

The receptionist grabbed the pouch off the ground; put a hand over his bleeding nose and constantly bowing backed away into the back rooms. Moments later dozens of servants and stylists flooded into the foyer and carefully, trying to avoid stepping on the disabled bodyguards, led Arbos into depths of the salon.  Before they had the chance to realize what happened Zeph and Ashur were the only ones left standing in the foyer. Zeph covered his face with his hand and shook his head slowly. Unable to maintain a straight face any longer Ashur simply burst out laughing. If he had any doubts before, now he knew for a fact that the “man” they followed was insane.


Half an hour later the trio was finally leaving the barbershop. Arbos now groomed better than any noble was striding along the street in a shiny new black suit with an ivory cane in his hand. Zeph silently weeped at the thought of how many houses, farms and servants he could’ve bought in the countryside for the price of that suit, but the spectre did not seem to care. Another pouch toss parted a lesser noble with his four horse black carriage, and minutes later the trio was riding comfortably towards the Verdinant Square. They were once more penniless, but comfortable.

The carriage stopped in the back alley behind the house they needed. The driver, handing on to the last silver coin thrown to him by his new Master cheerfully headed off to a pub where he no doubt would proceed to buy drinks for everyone present. Who can blame him? A pitcher of beer goes for half a copper – a single silver would be enough to drown in it.  The trio rounded the house and stopped at the porch, waiting for the others. Surely enough, not half an hour later Naya, The angry man-bear-pig and a sack of uselessness thrown over his shoulder showed up from round the corner.

“What’s with the get-up?”
“Don’t ask…” Zeph waved his hand.
“Quiet.” Arbos interrupted Naya before she could ask any more questions. “Business time.”

Now, the group did not know exactly what kind of world Arbos lived in way back when, but they expected “business time” to be something wholly different from what it turned out to be. Or at the very least they did not expect the words “business time” to be followed by Arbos stabbing his cane into the door frame and with a hefty push ripping the door right the hell off its hinges. The spectre was clearly not in a subtle mood.

Inside a dirty run down house several men jumped up from their seats. They were well armed, although the weapons have clearly seen better days. Ashur and Zeph quickly darted in front of Arbos drawing their weapons. Kron’s hands were still occupied with Kali-en, and Naya’s long bow was useless inside. The group prepared to fight, but as it turned out that was unnecessary.

“Down boys.”

Ashur could feel Arbos’ voice wash over him like a wave of tar. Heavy, restricting, suffocating… it pressed down on him with the weight a mountain. His sword suddenly felt like it was made of lead. He struggled to keep the blade in his hand but against all effort it still slid out of his grip and fell to the floor with a clank. Though the ever pressing haze Ashur could barely make out the sound of everyone else’s weapons dropping too. The haze was all encompassing, blocking his senses and scrambling his thoughts and then, just as suddenly as it overwhelmed him – it was gone. Ashur blinked a few times, and stood up from the floor with a grunt. He didn’t even realize that his legs had given in. He was not the only one – behind him he could hear Kron cursing as he tried to untangle himself from Naya and Kali-en. Arbos stepped over Zeph, who seemed to have taken this opportunity to take a nap and approached the rebels, who were having a much harder time recovering from the trance.

“My name is Arbos Xell. I believe you’ve heard of me. I believe you should have received a word of my coming from Robert Flietzwiche in Mirenwood. He assured me you would be ble to accommodate me and my companions.”

The rebels paled, as the oldest among them struggled to stand up. His knees were still to weak, and he wobbled slightly.

“M-my Lord… You’re alive! Thank the heavens, we thought none had escaped!”
The words cut across Ashur’s ears like a blade. Escaped? Escaped from what?

Arbos raised an eyebrow with a silent question in his eye. The rebel paled further and asked with a slight stutter.

“M-my L-l-ord… Could it b-be… That you have not gotten the news?”
“What news?” Ashur blurted out, although he had a feeling he knew the answer.

“The Marshals have reclaimed the Rowlington keep. Robert and his mean are all either dead or captured. And the four of your companions are wanted across the empire M’Lord, they were identified by the survivors of the Eriur massacre.”
“Stragglers from Eriur… what of the village?” Arbos frowned.

The rebels paled further and stood up in silence.

“Tell us!” Arbos commanded.

The rebel leader fell to his knees and hit his forehead on the floor.
“I’m sorry M’Lord. Eriur and the adjacent selkie settlement were charged with rebellion and… burned. Everyone in both settlements was burned alive at the stake as a message of warning to others…. I’m so sorry M’Lord…”

Silence fell.

OOC: Arbos will be busy with something else for the next 2 in-game days. So you are free to do whatevs in the meantime.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

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The sudden intrusion of the group would startle the rebels, rather understandable. Ashur pulled out his weapon in order to fight them of if this was necessary.  Arbos had a better idea, luckily. Though he had to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. What kind of trick had the spectre-beggar-fancypants used? There were many kinds of charges left for them to learn about it seems.  He had downed everyone with only his voice? Yes, he was definitely someone fearsome, and this was probably enough to be able to convince the rebels of his case.

All of this confusion was mostly cleared up by Arbos’s introduction.  He still couldn’t really get used to the idea of somebody actually calling Arbos his ‘lord’.  But this was not what would occupy  Ashur’s mind for long.  To be perfectly honest, Ashur had expected the reclamation of the Rowlington fortress, but this soon?  Who were these imperial marshals> A special force of the empire? Did that mean they were nullomancers? It seems that they couldn’t have left that fort even a moment later.

But that was not even the worst part. They had failed. Their village was burned, everyone they now knew was dead. What exactly had they done wrong? God damn it.  Ashur gritted his teeth.  He could feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness overcoming him. The silence that fell told him that shock the others must be feeling. He  closed his eyes, holding back his tears. The only consolidation he could find that his sister would be spared from the sight of this slaughter. The most grim of consolidations, that was for sure. He could only hope for the afterlife to treat them well. “May Irtha have mercy on your souls and guide you enlightenment, my friends.”

As Ashur slowly accepted his feelings of sadness and defeat, his other feelings came back to him. He felt a great anger welling up inside of him. He knew he couldn’t do anything for them, they were now long gone. The only thing he could do was strike back. “Those bastards will pay for this.”  He didn’t care how or when. He would make them regret doing this somehow.  But how exactly? Would it have to be an eye for an eye? It was the simplest train of thought but… was that truly the right way to handle this?

It didn’t truly matter for now, there was only one thing he needed to achieve any kind of those means.

He needed power.

“Arbos… I want you to train me again.” Ashur didn’t really need to say more, Arbos didn’t really expect anything else anyway. “Yes yes, but not today. You won’t be able to learn anything in this state.” Ashur nodded “I know.”  Nobody would be able to concentrate on nullomancy in a state like this, logically. All he had to do now was rest, let it sink in.  He walked up to the oldest of the rebels and shook his hand “Well met, I am Ashur. I am sorry to ask this of you but would you be able to show me to a place to rest?”

After introductions had been made, Ashur was led to a room. It was as dirty as the rest of the hideout, but Ashur did not really care at this point. All he wanted right now was rest. He opened his pouch with crystals and took out a knife. First things first, he needed to embed some more.  He cut open his left arm and embedded a few of the newly made repel crystals. The others knew where he was, and stopped by if they needed any of the crystals that Ashur had.

The next day

Had Ashur slept well? Well of course not. But at least he was rested. Right now his mind was only set on one thing: nullomancy. If he wanted to achieve anything here, he would need to get this power under control. There was only one way to do that. Ashur spent the next morning looking for a suitable location. It didn’t take long to find an old, abandoned industrial area. He didn’t care why it was abandoned, it was functional enough. There were a few warehouses where they would be able to practice without being noticed.  He marked the location of the area on his map. Unlike what that spectre thought, this thing actually had some use.

“Okay,  first time training since that goddamn swamp.  So now it’s time to start for real.” Arbos said, he
Still wore the dandy outfit that really didn’t suit him.  Then again, it looked better than the beggar at first.  Ashur wondered what exactly Arbos would teach him now.  “Now listen up, I’ll explain you the concepts of anchoring and infusion. I’ll do it slowly and simply so even a fairy like you could understand it.”

And that was what was done for the next two days: practicing these two methods of nullomancy proved to be much harder than just releasing it. Anchoring turned out not to be that hard to do though. It took him less than a day to be able to anchor his iron charge to his body, making some makeshift armor.  Infusion turned out to be a little harder.  Infusion differed more from normal releasing than anchoring did.

Arbos also had something else to do these two days, but Ashur kept practicing. He was determined to be tought these arts. He would keep It up. Only if he mastered these powers he would be able to stand up the empire. He was a wanted man now. If he wanted to survive, he did have to continue.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by Sayo-chan! Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:25 am

Naya felt her fur bristle as she heard the news. The village was...gone? All that they did, all that fighting, and it didn’t help at all. Her mind flashed with the memory of the fat leader of the keep, Rowlington. He’d managed to slink out on his own while they’d been distracted by the nullmancer. They fucked up, badly. Gran-gran, the people from Eriur, her family, everyone was gone. Even Aerden. His face appeared in her mind, his lips forming a mischievous smile. A memory from when they were young together. She felt tears well up in her eyes at the memory. They’d left each other on bad terms and she would never be able to apologize to him. She closed her eyes, willing the tears to not fall, and let the pain wash through her.

They were each given a room in the rebel hideout and were left to themselves; a few words of condolences were given by some of the rebels. Naya dropped her bag by the bed and stared into space. She knew she should probably get some sleep but she didn’t feel like it. She popped her head into Ashur’s room, knocking before she entered. She asked to see what spare charged crystals he had and left the room with a small bag full. She wasn’t going to let this happen again. If she had to fill her body to the brim with crystals to make herself stronger then that was what she was going to do. She wasted no time when she entered her room. She closed the door behind her and grabbed her hunting knife and started cutting and slotting crystals. She chewed cat nip while she worked to mask the pain. She started off by placing two impact crystals in her calves, then put four repel crystals, two siren crystals and another iron crystal in various parts of her body. She cleaned the wounds and bound them with bandages. She checked on the last batch of crystals and was glad to see they seemed to have melded in. Taking three calming breathes she began her meditation.

Her mind was a blank canvas in front of herself. Firstly she checked her body over, feeling each crystals power inside her body. She felt the new powers of the iron and freezing crystals she put in last time and decided to try them out. The freezing was pretty simple and unless she needed something specific she thought she could use it even with her lack of precise control. The iron was another matter. An uneven lump of metal wasn’t going to be useless in most situations. She kept practicing with the iron until it ran out and she flopped down on her bed exhausted. She closed her eyes and entered the meditation trance again. She started practicing her mental defences. She started off with her cores shield, pelting herself with various mental ammunitions. Of course this was nothing like a real attack but it was still decent practice. She moved on to the middle ground, the area around her core. Her village flashed through her mind, making her cringe. Instantly a giant forest formed, the trees towering over her at 50ft, so tightly knitted that the roots overlapped creating a maze of giant roots along the forest floor. This was the forest from her home, enlarged and designed for defence. She placed her hand gently onto the nearest trunk and looked into the canopy. She let a tear roll down her cheek as the familiar forest brought back memories.

Her first bow given to her on a birthday, the time she had fallen down an eroded cliff after a storm and broken her ankle, the day her father died and she had spent the whole day out in the forest, all those days as a child she had tried to impress Aerden with her bow skills... She gasped as the memories turned to Aerden. She first met him she was 6 when his father, a hunter, had brought a deer as a gift to the chief, he father. He invited his family to eat it with them. The hunter came back a couple of hours later with his wife and his son, Aerden. He was two years older and had the brightest yellow eyes and an easy smile. They talked and talked during dinner and instantly became friends. They had spent a lot of time together after that. Once when she was 11 he had kissed her by the river. She’d been so disgusted she threw mud in his face and ran off laughing with a very muddy Aerden chasing her. When her father died everything changed. At the young age of 17 Aerden took up the job of chief. With her hatred for the Empire and his responsibilities they spent less and less time together. Now everything was gone. A loud cracking noise resounded within the forest. The created forest started to shatter as tears flowed down her face. She fell asleep then, curled up on her bed.


The next morning she woke up as the sun began to rise. She got washed and headed off with her backpack slung on her shoulder. She wandered the city for hours, never looking at anything, never stopping, just wandering. She entered a large square filled with canvas covered stalls. In the middle was what she presumed to be the remains of a water fountain, now filled with sand. She chose this spot to rest and brushed away some of the sand from the rim of the fountain. It was a reasonably busy market with plenty of people passing by and browsing the stalls. She sat on the fountain, her hood pulled tight around her face, letting the world pass her by. A tiny old woman with a long walking stick shuffled passed her resting place, dropping a large worn book. Naya blinked once at the book laying at her feet before picking it up and turning to the old lady.
“Excuse me, I think you dropped this”
The old woman turned to her with a confused look.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about girl, that ain’t mine. Aint it yours?” she cackled.
“But you just dropped it-“
“You trying to dump that piece of crap on me girl?!” she said in a loud voice. She lent in close “I think you’ll be needing it soon” and winked at Naya. The old woman proceeded to walk away cackling to herself. Creepy old woman. She flicked open the book at a random page and found it was full of runic writing. Most of it was the runes Gran-gran had taught her that were used for writing but there were some far more complex looking ones she’d never seen before... It seemed pretty interesting so she slipped the book into her pack.

She heard bells in the distance announce the time was midday. Naya turned to leave but stopped when she heard a familiar sound coming from somewhere nearby. It was a common sung prayer to Nevael. She pulled her hood down and tried to locate the source of the sound. She reached the edge of the square, turned a corner and found a large shrine nestled between two large skyscrapers. Decorating the front were two stone pedestals, one of which was occupied by a large wolf statue. She remembered the massive wolf from her dream and brushed her hand against the statue. While she was checking the statue out the prayers finished and the worshippers started leaving the shrine. Naya stepped to the side and respectively let them pass. A couple of Selkie were in the group and nodded her way. The only one left was a short Cauhri woman dressed in a fresh green robe.
“Can I help you?” asked the Preiestess.
“Ah yes I was just interested in this statue” Naya gestured to the wolf.
“It’s a statue of one of Nevael’s guardian beasts, Lykes. Normally he’s accompanied by his twin sister, Imako,” she gestured to the empty pedestal “but she disappeared a few months ago.”
“Yes, it was a sad event. We presume it was stolen but we have no idea how the thief got away with it. We’ve had the authorities search for it but they gave up after a month. Anyway, feel free to take as much time as you need.” With that the Priestess left Lae’Naya in peace.

When she took a closer look at the statue she noticed it had faded runes carved around its neck, sort of like a collar. Underneath the rune collar, where the chest bone would be on a real wolf was a curved indentation. She stared at the indent. It can’t be... Naya pulled of the wold pendent and placed it on the statue. The runes glowed brightly as the world blacked out. She watched from above as her body collapsed onto the ground. She hoped she wasn’t going to have bruises tomorrow from that. When she turned back the statue was no long a statue but a living breathing jet black wolf.
“Who art thou?”
“My name is Lae’Naya”
“My name is Lykes, servant of the Goddess Nevael.” He studied her for a second. “Thy spiritual power is strong, what is thy desire?”
“My spiritual power? Does that mean you’re a deity spirit?”
The wolf, Lykes, nodded. Naya licked her lips nervously.
“I wish to form a pact with you.”
“Speak thy pact”
Lae’Naya paused as she tried to remember what Gran-gran taught her about summoning pacts. It was to be her final test before she finished her training as a shaman, but now Gran-gran was gone and she would have to do it alone. She stood taller at the memory of her teacher.
“I, Lae’Naya, ask that thou become my summon spirit to aid me in battle whenever I may call in return I shall give thou the souls of those I kill”
“I, Lykes servant of Nevael, accept thy pact. Now thou must seal it with thy blood.”
Lykes moved his paw over the ground and a rune appeared. Naya, taking the hint, drew her knife and slashed across her palm, letting her blood fall onto the rune.
“Whenever thou has need of me, simply draw the rune and call my name, I shall come.”
With a gust of wind, she was thrown back into her body lying on the ground. She sat up and noticed two things. One, yeah she was going to be bruised tomorrow, and two, the statue was gone. Huh, maybe that’s what happened to Imako’s statue? She left the shrine as quickly as she could not wanting to be accused of stealing the statue (though technically she did). Suddenly feeling kinda tired she headed back to the rebel base (using her map) for a nap.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by The_Lord_K Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:04 pm

Zephyr awake in a bed, with his legs hanging down off the side. He most certainly did not recall going to sleep, let alone sleeping like that. Shortly thereafter of waking up, he walked out and about meandering around whatever strange building he woke up in until he ran into Kron. Oh good, at least he knew he wasn't royally fucked by whatever happened if this dude was walking about. Kron gave him a quick sitrep, ending with something about Arbos wanting everyone to gather around noon tomorrow.

Zephyr wasn't sure if that was good or bad, but he didn't really want to assume anything about it. It was still light out, so at least he didn't miss the entire day, just a part of it. Zephyr tried to recall the events of the day so far then. Woke up, sexy lady, stupid gift bell ringing (which he figured probably meant it wasn't super stupid, just stupid in the way of being quaint), Ashur getting some crystal charges, Arbos nonsense, OH right the resistance meeting. Which Zephyr didn't remember any of. Thinking on it, he realized Ashur had been paying attention to actually acquiring crystals and such. Zeph hadn't actually been bothering or thinking on that at all.

"Better up my game on that then." Now what exactly did he want though. They had a reasonable selection of stuff, but most of it wouldn't do him any real good. At least not for what he wanted. It was a big place, had to have needed a lot of things. Heavy duty stuff, things you can't just pick up anywhere. He thought back to how Ashur had gotten his charges, and realized he'd likely need something similar. He went off to the shopping district. The hell was it again, a small granite jewelry box? Off he went to find one. Luckily it didn't take particularly long since the place was huge. Had all kinds of this stuff. He also walked to various stores buying a few various sized crystals at each. He didn't want to bulk purchase a ton of em at one store. Would be kind of suspicious. He also purchased a leather sack with a strap. He didn't feel like carrying all this crap in his hands or pockets. Zephyr wanted some reasonably strong stuff at this point. Just not any specific idea of what. As he meandered around he ended up in what was apparently their industrial areas. As he walked he saw something that piqued his interest.

There was one guy and a decent number of containers. The weird part was what the person wore. Thick gloves, as if it was freezing, along with decent sized boots and some crazy coat. Zephyr had to wonder. He walked over and asked the guy as he was about to pick up another one. "Uh, what the heck is with what you're wearing?" The guy looked over "Part of my job. Hell do you want?" How friendly. Still curious Zephyr asked "Relax I'm just curious. What would even need all this, you're just moving containers." The guy sighed "You ever see what liquid nitrogen can do buddy? I'm rather fond of my body parts. It's not pretty seeing something like someone's foot get that stuff dropped on it. Trust me, I've seen it. And that's not counting all the other things it can freeze, or even the force of an explosion caused by improperly storing it."
This stuff sounded volatile, and in extremely the way he needed it to be. "This stuff sounds fun, I don't suppose there's any way to get this stuff in my hands. So to speak." The guy laughed in his face "Are you an idiot? Why the hell would you be able to? Look at how much we're going through to even get it to where it's mainly used." This wasn't going anywhere. Zephyr wanted the stuff but he really didn't have a lot to go with there. He shrugged. "Alright then, my mistake." There was still a decent amount of these things. Zephyr walked off and ducked behind a building while the guy was carrying one. In a short time the guy returned, picked one more up and walked off toward the doorway he had been placing them in. Zeph couldn't see inside it at all but it took the man a minute or two to show back up. This man had gloves on though, Zephyr needed to do something about that. Actually forget it, the sack he just bought would be barely big enough and was fairly thick. Once more the man returned, grabbed one of the things and turned away. Wasn't going to have a better chance.
Zephyr dashed out, wrapped the sack around one and ditched into the closest alley he could. He popped his head out to look around and see if anyone was around to have seen the move, seemed like everyone in the area was either still in at work or left. He saw nobody but the guy coming back out the door. Heart racing, Zephyr smiled to himself. But this still wasn't something he wanted to walk around with for too long. At least the guy was a big enough ass that him getting in trouble if it was noticed meant dick to Zeph's cares. He went back to the store area, bought a thick pair of gloves, and went back to the place where they were "staying".

He took the sack off, set it down, and pulled it down away from the container. Luckily enough, there were instructions on the side about how to open and close the thing. Looking them over carefully, Zephyr then put on the gloves and moved it over a bit so the crystals and box weren't under it. He carefully opened it, and as he did a white fog or smoke came out and spread around the container lightly. He waved it away a bit, feeling just how cold the air from inside this was, and looked inside. There was a Clear liquid in there, with a single crystal in it. It was of a noticeable size too, plenty bigger than the ones they had been using. Zephyr immediately fell in love with the idea of this discovery, even if he wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. It would also require a much more thought out spot to insert it into. He looked over and saw the box, and had a thought. He assumed the crystal in the liquid would obviously be charged with the liquid. What about the cool air though, it was fairly damn cold.
He took Ashurs idea, jammed a few crystals of varying sizes in the box, made the thing air tight and dropped it on into the container. With the gloves, he slowly pulled out the crystal, set it on the sack for a moment, and closed the container. He looked at the thing and sighed, it was pretty damn big considering. No real choice though, he wanted it. He walked out the room quickly, went to the kitchen and found a knife, rushing back up. Taking off his pants, he looked at the only spot he thought would work easily. Not willing to wait, and not wanting to chicken out from thinking about it too long, he jabbed the knife into his thigh.
Goddamn did that hurt. The next part wasn't any better, this slit wouldn't fit the crystal. He had to turn the knife around in the wound. He threw himself on the ground and bit the sack, who's fucking bright idea was this anyway? What a fucking idiot. He clenched down on the sack as hard as possible, pulled the knife out and jammed the crystal in. There was a long line of inaudible obscenities flowing quite freely, it was rather impressive! Or would be. He laid there grabbing his thigh, rolling side to side muttering angrily. If this wasn't worth it in the long run he was going to murder whoever gave him this idea. After a while it subsided slightly, but it still hurt to move around and such. He DID just jam a damn knife into his leg. But it was done. He bandaged it up and cried a little inside. He also wasn't done on his hunt. After pushing the container into a corner somewhere and covering it, he limped along outside. There was still another thing or two he wanted.

While he was meandering around the area, he noticed a pretty fancy looking forge. Looked like high quality stuff. Also the sign saying "High quality merchandise" made Zephyr feel like it was worth checking. He walked in and was greeted by a well toned woman working a sword in the forge. "Ello, can I help ya with somefin?" As much as Zeph didn't mind having a weapon, he wasn't hunting for any at the moment. He was on a specific hunt after all. "Yeah uhm. This will sound pretty goofy but I don't suppose you can help me out with a weird request." The lady stopped and raised an eyebrow "Before you say anything too "weird", I ONLY sell weapons." Zephyr shook his head "Oh dear no, no. Well not really, I was going to ask what sort of metal you're using here, and if there's a way I can acquire it." She tilted her head a bit. "Tryin to pick up smithin' or somefin?" Zephyr scratched the back of his head "Something like that. I'm already lined up along a bit, but the person teaching me has so far figured I'm bloody useless at it. I wanted to make something on my own to show him that he's just being an ass. If I can make something decent with some good quality metal I might just be able to give him the finger and get moving along."

She smacked the sword she was working on a few times. "Well the best you're getting with any normality is Carbon Steel. However getting any without owning a shop's virtually impossible since we have to forge all the weapon orders and things. And even then the supply sometimes gets wonky and you can't always get as much as you need, they also like to screw up orders and shipments." He sighed. "So I suppose that means there's no way to convince you to possibly hand me a crystal of the stuff." The lady stopped again and stared at him. "Tell ya whut, I'll negotiate a price with you. I know what it's like to deal with an asshole teacher." Zephyr became pretty happy with that, finally something easy. They talked for a bit, and found one crystal for the price of three would be reasonable. Enough to be worth the risk of being short for a bit since it would allow her to buy more, but still the one he needed. While they were chatting, he noticed a reasonably sized water crystal in a bucket beside the forge. "I don't suppose you could toss in that water crystal for a little extra? It's fairly simple to get them but I'm too lazy frankly after the rest of the day so far." The woman shrugged, was basically free money. "Sure why not. Hopefully you won't need it, don't burn yer house down."

Thankfully this was on a roll so far then. What else would he really wanted anyway? He thought for a moment and thought. Kind of stuff he was going for at the moment... Some electricity and some wind would be nice. Actually they had a few of those as it was currently anyway. He would just use some of the ones they already had by this point, it was getting late, dark, and he already wounded himself noticeably for one of these blasted things. He went back to where they were staying, went to Ashur and grabbed an Impact, an Earth, two wind and two electricity crystals. Afterward, he went to his room, and found spots to place them, along with the mildly bigger water one he had to place in his bicep, and the carbon steel one which had to go in the other bicep.
Simply walking had never hurt this much before. He was still waiting for the box in the container to have sat long enough. Zephyr once more ventured out, ate, found himself a book called "Best ways to kill time", read it a while and after having killed a few hours checked the box of crystals. Worked out well so he took one of the somewhat bigger and one of the usual sized ones and jammed them in somewhere. Afterward he tossed em back in, and threw a normal crystal or two into the liquid to see if they would take it. He'd tell other people tomorrow, and see if they wanted any of it. Or just give it to Ashur before he tried to figure out what the fuck to do with the container anyway. By this point he didn't feel like caring. It was bed time.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by -_CreepeR_- Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:13 pm

As the words echoed throughout the room and dissipated into silence Arbos' mind paused for an instant. As time seemed to freeze he looked deep inside his own soul to see what havoc the news would wreak. He lived a long time.. a very long time. Four generations came and passed in his wake as he scoured the lands. Endless life hardens one’s very being, death loses its weight and time flows ever faster. Yet realization of his birth place getting destroyed still had to resonate. The place where he was born and raised… played with his friends… pursued his dream of becoming a Jaeger. Gone was the ponytailed girl with freckles, who spend her early days pestering her grandmother about the mysterious black stone at the back of the shrine. He didn’t even notice how she grew into an old woman… Time had no meaning, and his past now rested in ashes.
Arbos looked deep inside himself and he felt… nothing.

“Shit.” He spat. “Couldn’t even get such a simple task done. With FIVE nulls no less! Pathetic... Alright, you morons get some rest and get done with your grieving. Kron!” - Arbos turned to the barbarian who was seemingly unfazed by the news, or at least was very good and keeping his face. “Throw your stuff into your room, grab a sackfull of empty crystals and meet me outside.”

With events unfolding as fast as they did it was high time to start gaining power. If they were to make it through the month his group had to get stronger than the marshals… and they had to do it FAST. Arbos stepped outside and closed the door behind him. The sun had yet to set but the high rises blocked the last rays of dusk, sinking the city into an unpleasant slithering shadow. Speaking of shadows Arbos had still to figure out who were the three that tailed the selkie and the barbarian. He was able to push them out with little to no effort, but the fact that some in the city possessed powers over darkness bothered him nonetheless. He had to be careful of telling others any sensitive information. While the mysterious spies would not be able to approach him, they’d have no problem spying on the rest of the group. And Gods know he was not going to spend his entire time in Sayrn babysitting the bunch. Guess he’d just have to track the spies down and erase them once and for all. Out of sight - out of mind.

Finally after a few more minutes the door opened once again and Kron walked out into the chilly evening air. He was carrying a small bag of crystals and seemed to be in his full battle attire. Several new daggers he most likely borrowed from the rebels shined dimly in a brand new leather holster on his chest. On second thought perhaps he bought these supplies on the magnarail? Arbos didn’t really give a shit.

“Where we going?”
“Just follow me.”
“Knowing the destination this time would be helpful.” – Kron replied with sizeable amount of venom in his voice.
“And if I wanted to get sass from a walking half bear half pig that somehow looks like a cauhri I would travel to Saskian Isles and commit myself to the Sisterhood Asylum for hallucinations, because I did NOT just hear that, right?”

Kron’s face grew darker, but he did not risk pissing off the obviously edgy spectre any further. Having the last word was not worth the trouble that he could possibly cause.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, taking one turn after the other. Minutes turned to hours and the sky grew pitch black as night fell. Following Arbos, who continued his seemingly chaotic weave amongst the buildings and alleys, and without the aid of the sun Kron very soon lost all sense of direction. He raised his eyes to the sky to at least try and get some sense from the stars, but much to his surprise he didn’t see any. The skies were clear without a single cloud, and yet no stars shined to tell him where he was headed. He contemplated asking the blasted spectre about it, but Arbos beat him to the punch.

“Don’t bother, no stars will be seen to guide your way.” – Arbos suddenly stopped and turned to Kron. – “Ever heard the saying “Evil shall flourish in the night”? Didn’t think so. One of the beastmasters of Xelith had said that as he raised this city of stone from the ground with a wave of his hand. Heh… Every alley looks like the next one, every building like the one you saw two minutes ago. Every street twists and turns like a snake, and the powerful curse placed on the city a thousand years ago blots out the stars. Those who wander the streets of Sayrn at night will never find their way, and be left wandering until dawn.”

Kron paused for a second, taking the sudden burst of information in.
“Urm… why?”
“Simple really. “Evil shall flourish in the night, so I shall turn the night against it. So that our enemies whom we curse with living in this hell may be just as wary of the darkness that meant to hide them, as they are of our blades in shining rays of day.” Not many people remember the entire quote nowadays.” – Arbos grinned. – “So even if I did tell you the destination you would not have found it, barbarian. Not knowing on the other hand made you wearier of not losing the sight of me. Keep that in mind and never question me again. Anyway, we’re here.”

Kron swallowed a hard swear and looked at the massive building they were standing in front. It was starkly different from the standard high rises he was used to seeing in the city of dust. While still of a massive size it was stocky, low and wide, with very few windows and an array of thick chimneys rising out of its roof.

“Alright Kron, time to do it” – Arbos smiled maliciously and left the old man’s body, returning to all of his spectral shadowy glory. Even Kron had to admit that this looks suited him better… especially in this city. – “Alright Williams, wait here and do not move an inch. We will be back soon.”
Arbos said to the old man who was shaking his head as if trying to wake up from a long sleep.
“Aye sir.” – Was his only response.

“Okay now. Kron, I need you to make use of your carbide and conjure up a box for me.” – Arbos turned to the barbarian as soon as they walked up the stairs leading to the factory and away from the old man. – “I’d say… twenty by twenty. Should be big enough.”
Kron opened his mouth to ask a question but changed his mind. He stretched out his hand and focused, trying to bend the unruly metal to his will. With a bit of struggling he eventually succeeded in making a sizeable, rough box. Arbos then quickly pointed to a big pile of dust that accumulated in one of the corners of the building.
“Good, now fill it up halfway with that dust, throw in your crystals, top it off with dust again and make a lid sealing the box.”
Kron said nothing once more, and carried out the simple instructions.
“Nice. Now let’s help ourselves inside.” – The spectre smiled maliciously and phased through the heavy metal doors, disappearing inside the building.
“Wait! How am I supposed to- FUCK!”
Kron spat out and unbound his right hand. What used to be just a normal limb now resembled something out of a nightmare – the skin was broken in many places, especially on the joints, instead showing spiky silver metal. Fingers lacked skin entirely and looked more like a rough drawing of what he imagined the hand of a demon would look like. Each finger ended in a razor sharp claw with several sharp protrusions facing backwards. If he were to dig these… fingers into somebody the only way to pull them out would be along with all of the poor sod’s insides, Kron thought. However despite being made of incredibly dense metal He could have sworn that He had an easier time moving this hand than his real one. Speaking of incredibly dense metals by the way…
Kron drew his hand back and with the full extent of his brute force dug his hand into the lock of the metal door. The soft iron gave way to monstrous strength of Kron’s hand easily, twisting and splitting like clay. With a sharp motion Kron ripped out the lock (along with a sizeable chunk of the door itself) and stepped inside the factory.

A smelting plant. Rows and rows of heavy industrial furnaces, still red hot from the day’s work, lined the building. The structure itself was in fact naught but a big open hangar, with a complex maze of catwalks and industrial machinery inside. Kron wondered whether that was just due to the laziness of the architect or was meant as a way to counter fires.
“Took you long enough” – Spectre’s voice echoed from somewhere deep inside the facility.
It took Kron a few seconds to recognize his shadow next to a small brick storehouse at the side of the building.
“Open it up.” – A short yet ambiguous order. Well he might as well have some fun with that, Kron thought to himself as he raised his fist. A single punch was enough to bring down the brick wall and open up a way inside. Arbos raised his eyebrow and threw a meaningful glance at the door just half a meter away from Kron made his own entrance.
“You should be more specific.” – Barbarian shrugged.
Arbos groaned and went inside. It took him a moment to recognize what he was looking for, and he pointed a crate full of extremely large crystals that shined with a dim white light.
“Grab that crate and follow me. Don’t drop it.”

Kron threw the box he made into the crate and with a grunt picked it up. Arbos glided slower this time, making sure Kron was following him at all times and soon they made their way up one of the catwalks and stopped on top of the largest furnace in the building. Kron placed the crate down and threw a few worried glances at the multitude of warning signs around the place, each promising a gruesome death to all who enter.
“Now what?”
“Now? Ah. Now comes the nasty part.”
“The hell is that-“
Before he could finish his sentence Kron’s world went dark.

Arbos made his way through a maze of fire and gore that was Kron’s mind swearing at every step. He really should’ve brought the selkie along for this, at least she could clear out all of this shit for him. But it didn’t matter much. Aside from being apparently incredibly well fucked in the head, the barbarian had no mental defences whatsoever, possessing him was no trouble. Surely enough mere moments later Arbos was looking at the personified manifestation of Kron’s consciousness. However it was quite different from the calm and intelligent consciousness of the inspector from earlier. Kron’s manifestation was more that of rage than intelligence. The ten foot tall beast of fire roared at him and raised a pitch black fist into the air, ready to strike the intruder down.
“Sorry buddy, can’t be arsed to talk you through every detail. Just gonna borrow your body for a few minutes.” – Arbos replied scratching his head as he jumped away from the massive impact. The manifestation roared out, filling the air with fire and leaving a nasty burn on spectre’s cheek. Arbos spat.
“Okay, I’m done being reasonable. FIRE WITH FIRE.”

Arbos took a deep breath, closed his eyes and placed his hands together. A red glow emanated from his chest, quickly crawling along every vein and artery. A mere moment later every blood vessel on his body shined with bright red. Sharp shining golden eyes opened and threw one last look at the manifestation.
“Hope this doesn’t give you brain damage, you fool. Flame of Zec.” – Arbos thought to himself and exhaled. A monstrous flame emerged from his lungs, engulfing everything there was, is or ever will be in a magnificent torrent of fire. The next instant the world went dark and Arbos opened his eyes in Kron’s body.

He shook “his” head and swore.
“Damn bastard needs a psychiatrist. That was way too much hassle for a five minute possession Gods damn it.”
He then looked around and got to work. With a couple of heavy swings Arbos busted out a section of the chimney that was rising out of the furnace. He then picked up the crate and emptied all of the crystals into the furnace. Next he formed a large grill and placed it over the open stub, carefully placing the carbide box on top of it. Next, Arbos jumped down from the catwalk and went to the control panel. Few level pulls later the furnace was fully filled with coal and ignited. Arbos grinned.
“Okay, one last touch.” – He mumbled to himself and went around the massive oven using his carbide to fully seal any and all openings, turning the furnace into one giant bottle with a narrow open stub of a chimney at the top. This took quite some time to do, and by the time he was finished Kron’s consciousness had started to return and try to force him out. Arbos sighed and left Kron’s body, leaving the barbarian to collapse to his knees, shaking his head.
“What the fuck, you son of a bitch?!” – Kron’s voice was filled with murder.
“Calm your tits, bear-man. Instead answer me this puzzle.” – Arbos raised his hands jokingly and threw Kron a malicious look. – “Twelve tons of coal plus fifty H size oxygen crystals, a large sealed container and a single extra narrow exit vent. What do we get if we combine all this?”
Kron blinked a few times.
“An explosion?”
“Nah, much nicer. The world’s largest oxyacetylene torch. With some massive temperature at that narrow release point. Where I just HAPPENED to have placed that box of crystals. So… get ready for a fire show.”

Kron thought for a second.
“Wait, how will we release the crystals? I can’t exactly release them from here.”
Arbos smiled once more, winked at Kron and with a malicious smile phased through the side of the furnace. Slowly inch by inch he made his way through tons of burning coal that was slowly but surely dying from lack of air supply, struggling to find his way. Finally he found the nice pile of large crystals buried deep under. Body or no body, my barbarian friend, a nullomancer can do his stuff, he thought as he phased over the crystals and willed them to release. Thousands of litres of oxygen poured into the coal, feeding the hungry coal and raising a storm of heat. A pillar of fire burst out from the stub, nearly blowing the box away. The fire kept growing faster and stronger. In minutes the entire furnace was shining with bright red. Kron watched in horror as the pillar of fire burned through the roof and set the building on fire. Minutes later the furnace began deforming as the extreme flow blew away the ceramic coating and began melting the iron. Kron cussed out and quickly retreated to the back of the building, just in time to see the furnace finally give in completely and explode into a ball of fire, molten iron and burning coal. The entire plant was now on fire.
Arbos wandered through the inferno for a bit until he finally found the grill and the box on it amongst the rubble. As expected carbide’s high melting point kept them intact despite everything.
“Now then…” – He muttered to himself, focusing as hard as he could. Using any kind of nullomancy without a physical body was next to impossible, but thankfully he didn’t need much. With a lot more effort than he would be willing to admit to Arbos formed a tiny wind bubble and then popped it right next to the box, sending it flying across the building in Kron’s direction. He sighed. Even that little trick was difficult enough to nearly cause him to lose consciousness. He REALLY needed a body.

The spectre’s aim was true, and the box landed right next to Kron. Without waiting much longer the barbarian grabbed it with his metal hand as to avoid getting burned and dashed out of the building. Arbos quickly followed suite.

Outside, where frightened Williams was watching in horror as the massive building slowly collapsed in on itself, the duo stopped to catch their breath.

“Huff… w-well? What did we gain?” – Kron panted heavily. The blazing hot air really took it out of him.
“Heat crystals. Haaah… I’d say.. uh.. about two point five thousand degrees judging by how the grill deformed. So make that full on five grand post embed.” – Arbos panted in return, still exhausted form his use of nullomancy.
“I know right?”

After they finished resting up, Arbos got back into Williams’ body and the trio quickly made their way away from the chaos of fire alarms and the clanking of guard boots. It took them another good hour of walking until they could finally see the headquarters, all they had was turn a corner and cross the plaza. But it looked like fate had other plans.
As they were just about to turn the corner they were cut off by a dozen guards.
“What’s the meaning of this?” – Arbos shouted out in his best commanding voice. But the guards did not reply. Instead they silently drew their weapons and started surrounding the duo. Arbos frowned. He once again could feel the same annoying shadowy presence. Whoever followed them during the day must have decided to try a more direct approach. Made sense, as long as Arbos was here they wouldn’t be able to approach the group themselves, so they must have paid off the guard. He REALLY needed to exterminate that vermin as soon as possible. Kron got into his fighting position and Arbos drew a deep breath getting ready to use his “voice”. But something weird happened instead. As soon one of the guards took his first step his body hit the floor. The upper half of his body, to be precise. The lower half lingered upright for a split second longer before collapsing as well. The guards shared a terrified look before one by one all of them fell to the floor as a dismembered mass of limbs and pieces. Arbos quickly raised his hand, signalling Kron not to move.

“The Weave… sonnuva…” – He whispered to himself, and then raised his voice. – “Is that how you greet old friends? With silence from the shadows? Come out and say hello you rotten cunt!”
“My oh my… sharper than a string, as ever.” – A voice answered from the shadows, and a man stepped out into the dim light of the city lamp. He was slim and tall, dressed in minstrel’s clothes and had an exquisite fiddle in his hands.

Arbos grinned much wider than usual and immediately left William’s body.
“Kron, take the old man and go back to the HQ. When you get there break the box open, get out one crystal and have the selkie embed it straight away. Don’t let anyone else anywhere near them. Oh and one more thing… you never saw this man. Got it?”

The barbarian nodded with a serious look on his face, hauled the old man over his shoulder and took off running towards the rebel headquarters. He was positively done questioning anything the crazy ghost was doing – it only made his head hurt.

Arbos and the minstrel looked at each other in silence for a few moments before grinning at the same time in an eerily similar way.

“Joed the Fiddler.” – Arbos grinned.
“Arbos “Motherfucking” Xell.” – Joed replied with a grin.

“Long time no see… brother.” - Both men said in a uniform chorus.


Arbos carefully studied the purples gloves, adorned with skulls and intricate metalwork that Joed was wearing.
“Seriously? You gods damn painted The Weave? And purple no less? What’s wrong with you?” – Arbos frowned.
“Forgive me brother, but I’m not quite as keen black as you were.”
“As I AM you meant?”
“I think you actually “being” anything at all is debatable.” – Joed raised his eyebrow.
“Ha! That’s cold. Then again “thinking” was never your strong point. Still to think one of my best creations would be defaced as such. Fucking purple. REALLY?!” – Arbos spat.
Joed sighed and pulled out a tiny bottle of black glass, putting it on the table.
“I think I might have just the thing to make amends for that.” – He grinned and opened the bottle, pouring the contents out on the table. The moment the clear liquid had left the bottle it immediately caught on fire, burning with a dim blue flame. More impressively instead of getting splashed all over the table it kept flowing and forming as if it was being poured into an invisible glass. Arbos gasped at the sight.
“You shittin’ me… Is that… Erylian Wine?!”
“Haha, yup. The jewel of Dasius’ breweries. Liquor so strong even spirits can drink it. I’d say we should toast.” – Joed smiled softly and poured himself a “glass” as well. – “To the melody of time… and the songs of our friends who were swept away by its tune!”
With a shaking hand Arbos reached out for his glass, pausing for a second as he actually picked it up, and raised it up into the air.
“To those who played poker strip poker with death and got a bad hand… and the two rotten cunts who played it down to its knickers and still breathe to raise this toast.”
With that both men downed their cups and sat in silence for a minute. Arbos shivered and waved at Joed to pour more.
“This is what I missed the most in the last two centuries. The taste of liquor.”
“Then you have amazingly messed up priorities.” – Joed retorted with a raised brow.
Arbos cackled in response and quickly downed another glass.
“Ay nay way, you look awfully spritely for someone in his late three hundreds. I at least have an excuse of being a spectre, what’s your trick?”
“I’m a Lethyan now.”
“Is that some fancy ass word for Faggot?”
“…No. I’m a lesser deity from the library of Lethos. Keeper of songs and music.”
“…Soo… it IS a fancy word for Faggot.”
“Oh fuck you, Arb!”
Both men laughed out loud and Joed filled the cups once more. Arbos looked into his cup for a second lost in thought then downed it in one gulp as well.
“So you did it then, finally a deity. Looks like you’re a solid step ahead of me this once.”
“Yeah, what a rotten bit of irony though.” – Joed sipped his wine reservedly and reached out towards Arbos with his index finger. As not more than a few millimetres were left until he touched the ghost Joed’s finger began sizzling as if he was trying to touch a frying pan. – “I’m the last one left and I can’t even touch you if I want to live. Damn branded man.”

Arbos furrowed his brow.
“Last one left? What of the other Xell Hunters? Surely some must still be around.”
“No.” – Joed shook his head gloomily, finished off his cup and poured another one for both. – “Things… fell apart once you disappeared. Once the news of you getting judged by Janur reached the empire the Xell Hunters were disbanded. No Xell to hunt – no need for hunters, you understand.”
Arbos stared into his cup for a minute in silence.
“But surely, disbanded or not, some must still live… What of Balthazar?”
“Dead. Drank himself into the grave five years later.”
“And Simeon?”
“Gone as well. Joined the Armada after we were disbanded, said he wanted to die a soldier’s death at least. …His ship sank two weeks off Raveros after it ran into a pack of wild water Azuri. Null or not – can’t swim that far on your own.” – Joed sighed.
Arbos shook his head.
“Well at least Karek surely? That guy was damn near immortal; nobody could use void embedding like he could!”
“He… Well, he refused to accept you being gone. Got fixated on the idea that you faked your death, and are still out there somewhere. Roamed the lands for a decade causing ruckus everywhere he went haha… Ended up getting this wild idea that you must be hiding out in one place no one would go – at the Free Beast Plains.”
“Went there and ran straight into Zec.”
“Ugh…” – Arbos shuddered and rubbed his left side. – “Damn.”
“Yeah. At least no need to cremate the remains. Got turned to ash instantly. Haha.”
The two shared a morbid chuckle and downed their drinks, quickly pouring more. Arbos sighed once again and grinned.
“So the hunters are gone… The end of an era. Makes me kinda sad.”
“Nothing we can do brother. The melody of time waits for none, and our songs have long since passed. All we can do now Is sit back and enjoy the music others make.”
Arbos downed his drink and stood up, his eyes shining bright in gold. The room shook at the energy that flowed from his figure.
“Our songs have passed? What bullshit are you spouting brother dearest? I’m but done with the first verse. Chorus is about to start.”
“Oooh? And what have you got in mind?” – Joed stood up with a smile.
“Simple. Mak’Tu.”
Joed stood for a second then burst out laughing, nearly doubling over.
“You really are mad! Alright, I can feel the rhythm in that. But to find him you’ll need power. You will have to go after the “Kings of Zengar”.”
“House of Venoire, I know. I’ll just have crush every noble house in this city until they have no choice but to either give me his location, or perish.”
“That will turn this world upside brother mine.” – Joed grinned.
Arbos grinned maliciously.
“Oh I count on that.”
Joed poured the last drops of the wine into the cups and handed the cup to Arbos, raising his for a toast.
“The spells are crumbling and the darkness starts to breathe. The winds trapped in the city of dust for millennia are itching to break out and blow westward to the capital. This gives me shivers brother mine! So here’s to the symphony of chaos that you shall conduct for this dying world!”
Arbos grinned and raised his cup.
“Symphony eh? Sorry bro, but it won’t be anything quite as elegant as that. After all, I was always a Rock guy at heart.”


At dusk of the second day the group had gathered in the convenient warehouse that Ashur managed to locate earlier. The only one they were waiting on now was Arbos. Finally after half an hour the shitty ghost decided to show up. He raised his hand to shush any questions and immediately went towards Naya.
“Okay kitty, time for training, I will have to possess your body. Make me a nice bridge.”
“Huh? Why should I?”
“I need to be able to use nullomancy, and you need to feel the proper flow of energy, so do it. Besides, it will be more degrading for these macho fuckers to get beat up by a girl.”
Naya thought for a second then nodded in agreement.

Once the possession was done with, Arbos (in Naya’s body) turned to the rest of the group and raised his hand in an inviting motion.
“Before I teach you anything I need to know how well you’re handling the basics. So you little shits, GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!”

Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 DancingDevil

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by balis Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:20 am

Kali-en sighed and went into his trance. He could use eight limbs, with four more considering his arms and legs.
“My most powerful combo eh?”
He used four limbs to create a large area of opaque steam, and extended them, using infusion, so that the area covered the whole battlefield. Now both their visibility should be reduced to less than two meters.
Kali-en then took the time to get off his boots, feeling the floor below him. Rock, great. He had discovered, or remembered, does not know which, that he had a perfect control of his charge within his area of control, and used the wind to “carry” his boots with him. He moved ever so slowly, keeping the production of steam to counteract any attempts at blowing everything away, but reduced the number of limbs to two.
Once he estimated to be at the right of the shadow-possessed cat woman, he used his rock charge and propagated waves using the infusion techniques from ten meters to his left, using two other limbs. The point would be to try to locate the shadow-possessed cat by discovering his, or its, or her, did not know which, area of control. As soon as his rock “limbs” discovered an inaccessible circle, he threw his boots right at the other side. With a wind limb, he faked movement from where the boots were. All the while, he crept closer to where he had discovered the inaccessible area. Five meters. Three meters.
Great, now what?
Once he started the attack, he could drop the steam curtain, and use all his remaining limbs. But what charge? The nitrogen looked promising, water to go with it, electricity sounded cool too, might as well throw some rock.
Oh, and the daggers. Nice.
He dropped everything and used the rock to throw spikes from the ground; with the infusion techniques he so loved. The instant the spike went outside of the floor; he used the wind charge to blast himself off the ground.

Having a good view of the shadow possessed cat woman, he surrounded it-him-her with two water limbs, just outside its-his-her area of control, and formed a cylinder of water that he immediately froze with the liquid nitrogen. All the while throwing daggers with small blast of wind to greatly increase the daggers speed. As he began to fall toward it-him-her, he completely released his water and nitrogen charges inside the cylinder, which should fill the "ice prison" up to the middle of its-his-her shins, and threw his arm out toward its-his-her neck in an electrocution attempt.

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Post by Melo Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:35 am

Ashur wondered for a moment, but the only thing he could come up with were a few tricks he had figured out with the limited amount of crystals to his disposal at this moment. He had wanted to use heat, but he had not been allowed to take any of the heat crystals Kron had taken back. He peered at the possessed selkie; he knew Arbos had some tricks of his own, but he really did not want to be defeated by catwoman.
Using Kali-en's steam as his cover, he wove with his hand as he conjured up a chain from his iron crystals. The chain would be long enough to easily reach the selkie from his location. On the end of the chain was a small hook so it would be able to settle itself firmly into his target. The best thing was that this chain did not even consume the entiriety of his iron charges. Ashur had embedded quite a few of them, after all. To top things of, the tip of the hook had been coated with a little bit of deadly venom. Ashur wasn't really sure if using poison was a good move in training, but arbos DID say to give it his best shot.

With the rest of his iron charges, he conjured seven iron needles, which were again coated with venom. While he waited for the steam to drop, he prepared his last trick. He released his water charge which he turned into small droplets and moving it to the air with infusion: the result was a thin stream, hard to see with the naked eye.
When the steam dropped, he manipulated the chain forward. The chain crept forward like a snake towards naya. Because a part of the chain was still within his own area, he could manipulate it's trajectory completely. The goal of the chain was to bind naya to her place, or at least latch into her with the hook. At the same time, he manipulated the thin stream using infusion to create a link between him and Naya. This stream could be used to conduct electricity and electrocute her. These two made their way towards naya like a pincer attack. As they came closer, Ashur fired off the needles using his reject charges, resulting in the needles propelling forward at very high speeds.
The chain came to Naya from her right, the needles came from straight forward, in the meantime the "limb" of water crept closer for electrocution. Would Arbos he able to counter all of that at once?

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by The_Lord_K Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:38 am

The steam was gone, which Zephyr could thank someone for cuz fuck if he was trying to aim while basically blind. Whatever, the other two had started and he could actually see now. He had an idea, wasn't sure if it would work but he put his plan into action. While pretending like he was focused on what he'd be doing right in front of him he formed the largest concentration of water he could in the air. To put a showing of not being up to anything special he stomped the ground in front of him creating a chunk of rock. Then he bowed his head, put his hand together and pulled them apart slowly, forming tons of small fireballs and steel needles. He then used his smaller water crystal to soak the needles and used all three of his electricity crystals to charge them as if small lightning rods. Once in the water they would do their own damage, even if it wasn't what he mainly was going for. Using any leftover water out of the small water one, he created more needles from ice with the cold crystals he had.

Zephyr then full out launched all of this, adding extra force with the wind crystals he had to launch them as hard as he possibly could. He even used any small bits of moisture or anything else he could left over from the steam or Kali's moves and tossed a few more icy shots from any direction he could. With this attack launched out, he looked up to the ball of water he had created with his eyes, and focused onto it. Then using the nitrogen crystal he froze it from the inside out as fast as he could. It became a huge piece of ice, about the size of a bus. With that his main focus was down, and he slammed it down as best he could. Trying not to destroy Kali in the process if at all possible, he hadn't noticed he was rushing in. Zephyr had no promise it would go well for him. As he huddled over slightly tired he noticed an old sink on a wall a few feet away. "Why the fuck not." He ran over and grabbed the damn thing by and tossed it in there for good measure.

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Post by balis Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:51 am

« For fuck’ sake! »
How could that be their best combo attack if no one coordinated??
He watched as Kali-en reduced everyone’s visibility, and Ashur just randomly launched different attacks from every direction… Great, how could he get close enough to fight now?
Well fuck that then.
He stabbed the ground under him with his right arm, grabbed a sizeable chunk of stone and started running toward what he thought was Naya’s position. As the steam curtain dropped, he corrected his trajectory and launched his stone in front and a little above him. As it fell, Kron punched it, using his impact charge, toward Naya. The chunk of stone chattered and went toward her in pieces.
He ran in circle toward her right, avoiding Ashur’s chain, while creating a ball of carbide. Same with the stone, he punched it with an impact charge. This time the ball did not chatter and went right at Naya, piercing easily the “ice wall” the jumping idiot had just made.
As he began to create another carbide ball and coat it with liquid venom, he dropped everything and said : “Yeeeeaaah, no. I don’t really like that kind of stuff”.

He sprinted toward the ice prison, and shattered it with one carbide punch. He coated his right arm with natural gas, and as he landed his punch, simultaneously ignited the gas and released his impact charge. This resulted in a cannon like explosion, with most of the feedback a subdued by the impact release.

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by -_CreepeR_- Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:08 am

“Alright Naya, pay close attention to how I make the energy flow through your body.” – Arbos made a mental note to the selkie and swayed back slightly, raising his hands ever so slightly in front of him and closing his eyes. Kali-en was the first to make a move, raising a cloud of steam to conceal his movements.  He had a pretty brilliant tactic for diversion, but ultimately it was a waste of strength; the spectre did not rely on his eyes to see.
“You are fighting me as you would a normal cauhri! Use your head!” – Arbos shouted out and raised his hand.
At that moment Kali-en’s rock spike shot out of the ground aiming for the selkie. But as soon as the spike entered Arbos’ area it was stopped by a floating piece of rock that instantly appeared in front of it. As Kali-en jumped up into the air Arbos sensed Ashur’s attack coming too. Looks like the sparkly bastard decided to make use of the steam the useless thief had raised. Arbos smiled.

“The first rule of fighting a Null – judge how your powers match up and only fight in the aspect that you have the upper hand in. Otherwise….” – The spectre quieted and gently swayed Naya’s body, easily dodging every single dagger thrown by the still airborne Kali-en. Tracking moving objects within one’s area was child’s play for any nullomancer, Kali-en should’ve known that.  – “…your own attacks will be turned against you!”
That said Arbos released a miniscule amount of water and infused it with the water that Kali-en released at him, overpowering his control and taking over. Then, with a spin of a finger he forced the water to sweep up all the nitrogen in mid-air and threw it back in Kali-en’s face.

“Visible or invisible, material or ethereal – all that comes into nullomancer’s area shall be known to him! If you want to challenge somebody’s control – you’d better be damn sure your infusion technique is flawless!” – Arbos shouted as Ashur’s electricity travelled along the thin mist bridge he created. The charge was inches away from its target when it was stopped by the spectre’s will. He clicked his fingers, releasing a tiny bit of water and electricity, mixed them into Ashur’s release “infecting “ it and then returned the charge right back at Ashur, ten times as strong. At the same time the needles Ashur shot at him came in contact with Arbos’ area and were instantly redirected by the constant repulsion field the spectre was maintaining; missing the selkie and hitting the walls behind her harmlessly.
Now things were getting interesting, the shotgun-like blast of rocks from Kron and the avalanche of ice needles and fireballs unleashed by Zephyr were only inches away from Arbos, he had to act quickly.

In the next instant dozens upon dozens of various rocks formed all around the spectre. As soon as the bits formed they began joining up, forming a massive arm of a giant at Arbos’ back. The spectre covered his face with his left hand – the massive mechanical arm mirrored his movement perfectly and blocked out all of the incoming projectiles. Arbos then swung his arm about, the construct following him effortlessly, smashed through the ice wall, grabbed Ashur’s creeping chain and yanked it away from him. He then swung it in the air and used it to swat Kali-en out of the air – crashing him into the ground at Arbos’ feet.  That made or two. The spectre disassembled the construct and quickly reformed it into a series of pistons. He then used his heat crystal to rapidly expand the air within the pistons, blowing them out and resulting into a massive artillery-like cannon fire that obliterated the roof above Zeph’s head. While the poor guy managed to avoid “most” of the rubble that came down on him – he wisely chose not to try and attack the living artillery encampment any further.

Arbos twisted and leaned, Naya’s clothes creaking and tightening from unnatural movement, in order to dodge Kron’s carbide ball. He only had a split second to take care of the falling iceberg above him before Kron closed in with his manly man-muscles.
“Alright Naya, pay attention to this technique – you will need it.” Arbos muttered and pulled out a tiny empty crystal. Holding the crystal in his fingertips the spectre released a small amount of iron from it – forming a crystal tipped arrow. At the same time he formed a massive metal bow in his other hand. Well, to call it a bow would be an exaggeration. It was a massive lump of metal in a vague shape of a bow – limbs the thickness of Naya’s fist and the “string” also made of solid metal more than an inch in thickness. Selkie wondered what the crazy spectre was going to do with such an abomination.

Arbos calmly knocked the arrow and… drew. Pulled more by nullomancy than by reason the metal limbs actually gave in, and the “string” refused to snap.
“We can alter the physical properties of our release, remember that. Laws of physics do not apply, unless the nullomancer wills them to!” Arbos shouted and began releasing his heat charge. The air around the crystal tip began to glow and distort as massive amount of heat gathered around it. The arrow began shinning bright red from the temperature, but Arbos was unaffected, as usual.
This technique is called Null Anchoring – it’s when you anchor your release to an empty null crystal instead of your body. You can control how long the charge will remain anchored and under what circumstances it will release. For now, this is your first proper skill, kitty. Watch and memorize!
Arbos thought to himself, fully aware that the selkie could read his thoughts, and aimed at the iceberg.

“Heat Arrow!”

The arrow loosened with an ear shattering twang, as the monster bow finally returned to its natural state. Propelled with enough force to slay an Azuri – the arrow dug deep into the ice, reaching right to the centre of the chunk, where the heat charge released itself. The instantaneous expansion resulted in an explosion that shattered the iceberg into a million pieces which evaporated almost instantly from the heat.

But before the dust had a chance to settle Kron busted in through the ice wall, his carbide fist raised in the air and coated with gas. The attack came from a blind spot and looked like a sure hit – but Arbos was ready. He easily leaned out of the way of Kron’s attack and threw his “bow” out towards the barbarian’s arm. The metal, still under his complete control instantly changed shape, forming a tube around the gas coated arm and redirecting the explosion out harmlessly. At the same time Arbos disassembled the remains of his earlier construct and reassembled them around his arm in the form of a massive complex gauntlet, filled with small pistons. He then immediately punched Kron in the gut with it. As the hit connected Arbos ignited the air within the pistons, making them shoot out with force. The unearthly force of the pneumatic punch sent the barbarian flying across the room.
Arbos sighed and disassembled his construct for good – letting the loose rocks fall to the ground. He then quickly picked up Kali-en’s barely conscious body and raised it into the air in front of himself.

As the satisfying  clang of the sink thrown by Zeph connecting with Kali-en’s head resonated through the warehouse Arbos finally opened his eyes and looked around with a grin. He still hadn’t moved a single inch from where he was standing at the beginning.

OOC: TO BE CONTINUED. (Story part takes a bit longer)

Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 DancingDevil

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Heart of the Beast RP (IC) - Page 5 Empty Re: Heart of the Beast RP (IC)

Post by balis Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:54 am

He woke up with an insanely intense headache.
Also, he seemed to be nowhere recognizable.
Also, it looked like he woke up in a sitting position, which was weird, considering that there was nothing to support his back from falling when he was asleep.
Wait, why was he asleep in the first place? And why didn’t he remember what he was doing before “falling asleep” ?
And who are you?
Oh right, he also forgot his name. That was a bother though, forgetting his own name. Forgetting your own name would mean forgetting who you were, your personality and important stuff like that right? And no one was here to help him stabilize his memories, quite scary indeed.
You don’t need anyone for that you know? Even if your name is not in your memory at the moment, your own body should remember it.
How could his body remember his name when he could not?
Well, for example your ears. They are used to hear the sound of your name when your friends call for you.
Ah, so he had friends? Where were they?
Try to remember the sound of your name, it should go with something beginning with Ka-.
“Ka”? He had difficulty imagining the sound in his head, anyway, he got nothing from it, no memories.
Maybe by saying it out loud it will come back?
Maybe, let’s give it a shot:
“Ka… Ka…Ka… Well, it’s kinda silly repeating that sound over and over alone like that, not sure it’s working though”
“Ka… Ka… Let me try something el- Ah! I think I got it!”
Really? What is it then?
“I’m pretty sure it’s Kali- wait, huh. Nice try.”
You can’t really blame me for that, it was worth a try.
“It’s been a long time, where have you been?”
“Sorry, but you have a more important meeting to attend to right now”, the voice came from behind Kali-en. As he turned to look at the new comer, Kali-en was shocked by the resemblance that guy had with him: same eyes, nose, and the little scar almost hidden by his right eyebrow.
“Wh-who are you?”
“Sorry, telling our name is forbidden here, the voice could hear us. Come on, your late for your first meeting, the others are going to be pissed off.”
“What meeting? What’s going on?”, Kali-en hurried behind that guy.
The more he looked at him, the more he could see a subtle difference with him: looking at his height, he seemed to be slightly younger but with a heavier build. His walking stance indicated some experience in fighting too.. a warrior? No, maybe more like an experienced bodyguard.
“What was your name again?”
The guy looked at Kali-en from over his shoulder and grinned: “I never said it, no one tells his name around here, too dangerous. Come go get your seat”, he pointed at an empty chair and got himself one.
Kali-en walked to it, sat himself and was suddenly glad to not be standing: he would have fallen from the shock. The rectangular table had nine seats, with four of them empty. The four men who were using the last seats all had Kali-en’s face. It was like looking in a mirror and seeing different reflections of yourself.
They all had distinctive outfits and presentation, which made it easy to guess what they used to do, or what their main skills were: the bodyguard/fighter, the thief, a shaman/druid/weird crazy guy and lastly a nerd, maybe, he had glasses and a book under his hand. He looked like a nerd anyway.
Also, they all had one more similarity: they all seemed younger than Kali-en himself. What was going on?
“Let’s begin our monthly reunion then.”, The nerd was the first one to speak, even though he seemed to be the younger here – no more than 15 years old – everyone instantly put their attention to him, ready to listen and obey.
Well, not everyone.
“Monthly? You guys do that every month? Seriously? Why is it the first time I get here then? And where are we? And who are you? Why do you all have my face?”
Looking at everyone’s face, Kali-en thought that interrupting the nerd might not have been his greatest idea ever.
“Certainly not your greatest idea, no.”, Kali-en’s head shot up to see the nerd looking at him with icy eyes.
Could he read his thoughts?
“Dumbass, I can’t believe you’re the one who gets to unlock Nullomancy. Such a waste”
“Oh come on, don’t be so harsh on him, we were all like that on our first reunion” – the bodyguard.
“He sold out Arkayne! His set of skill is now gone to us, and while we need to constantly remember what we lost in order to not use any of those skills, what does this moron do? He goes and uses one of them on a disgusting noble! And for what? A FUCKING STARE”
The bodyguard blanched and looked down while the others looked away uncomfortably.
For a kid, he sure had some authority.
The nerd sighed, “Listen well, I will not repeat myself:
We are all the same person, but for various reasons, our personality split in different parts. You are the latest created.
Since we are all the same, we share the same thoughts. And we have a set of rules for each other: a skill discovered by one of us can only be used by the one who found it. Though he may lend his skills to others, he will be the only one to truly master the skill.
We can hide our true name from the other, even if we all share the same thoughts. This does not apply to me though; I know all of your names.
Every sensation from the outside world is given to all of us: pain, pleasure, sight, sound etc..
We do NOT give out our names, or any other.
We. do. NOT. give out. Our names.
You can ask questions about our motives or anything else, but ultimately, you obey me.
Lastly, when I call for a reunion, you come.”
That was all pretty confusing. Like, how did he know when the almighty nerdy kid called for a reunion?
The bodyguard openly sighed while the thief facepalmed.
“You don’t get it do you?”, the nerd’s face was expressionless.
Oh right.
“We share the same thoughts, sorry about that. Hmm, okay, few questions then, why-“
“One question at a time”
“Huh, right. Why are you all younger than me?”
“The age of our representation is the age we had when we were.. born”
“Oh, so, I’m the older one right?”
“No actually, you’re the youngest, less than one year old”
“Okay, where are we?”
He had not realized, but the place had an incredible feeling of being alien: there was no source for the light, no colors, no shadows – the thief shuddered at that thought. It really felt like he was nowhere, in an aby-
“Stop it. Call it the sanctuary, it’s better for everyone. You do not have any other questions?”
“Huh, yeah! You said that we all have a personal set of skills, but how did I manage to pick pockets? Isn’t that a thief’s skill?”
“I let you borrow those skills, you were in quite a pinch”, the thief had answered that one.
“So, I should be able to lend you some of my skills right?”
“Oh? Your skills? And what are they?”
That damn nerd was really getting on his nerves.
“Wait, before that. Does that mean you can sometimes take control of the body?”
“Before answering that one, I am going to ask you to leave”, the nerd was not directly looking at Kali-en, but somewhere behind him on the left. As Kali-en turned, he saw man standing less than one meter from him. He had no face, and was grey.
Ah, but why would I do that?
Although the voice came from the face, no movement, no reaction or indication indicated that the “man” was speaking.
“Please, you know we can force you out, as you know that it is in neither of our interest to fight now. We know you want more information on the Shadow. Although what you are trying to do is way above your level.”
Ah? And why is that?
“You will know if you leave.”
I will, now tell me.
“It is in my understanding that you will never hear the shadow guy real name, not unless he wants you to have, which is highly unlikely”
Why is that?
“From all of the times we heard his name, from his mouth or not, none of them had the same tone. This cannot be a mistake, not when you have said your own names thousands of times”
So you think he is giving false names on purpose every time? That is great news for me; it means he fears the day we will discover his real name.
“Not necessarily, no. Although he might fear what your god, or goddess, or deity, or whatever the source of your power is, might do with his name. You won’t be able to do anything to him thought”.
Hum, we will see.
As he said that, the “man” turned and vanished gradually as he walked away.
The nerd sighed.
“To answer your question, yes, we can take control of the body, as we all share it. We have often done it while you slept for example, in order to train and not let our personal skills rust for example”
Kali-en was still too confused by what had just happened to fully understand the answer.
“Who was that guy?”
“Hmmm, I have some - well, a lot of clues, but no definitive proof. I will not burden your memory with it until I know for sure.”
“It is the guy who always tries to have my name though, right?”
“Yes, call him the Usurper. Each time you give him a name, one of us disappear and he controls the seat. When there will be more empty seats than not in this table, he will control our body.
That made Kali-en feel bad about giving that other name a while ago.
“Hum, so, what is this place anyway? You said sanctuary?”
“It is a place within our mind that we use to speak and decide together.”
“Wait. A while back, the Usurper made me try to remember my name. If we are within my mind, why did I have to pronounce my name, or at least the beginning of it, out loud? “
“Because you are an idiot.”
That made the bodyguard smiled and the thief shook his head.
The nerd sighed.
“Back to your original question, yes, one of us sometimes take control of the body. It usually happens when you are asleep.. easier to do.”
“Why? I mean, why would you want to control my body during nighttime?”
“To seek information. Thanks to those little night trip, I have almost discovered the identity of the Usurper and where he comes from”
“Really? Who is it then?”
The nerd scowled.
“I think he is affiliated with a group of worshipper from a deity, and that group is currently at war with another group we had the pleasure to meet, but  I can’t tell you more right now, you’re not complete. He might find a leak from you”
What the hell did that mean?
“Wait, why are you always saying I and not us?”
“Because it is only me, and not us
Is that guy doing that on purpose?
“Ok then what do you mean by not complete?”
“Hum. The creation of another self is usually controlled, and takes a few months to get everything right: the limits on the memory, the skills, the personality, the name.. But you were created and functional in less than a week. Of course there would be some leaks.”
“What leaks? I don’t get you!”
“Memory leaks, sanity leaks, everything that should define you is being lost as the time goes by.”
“Sanity leaks? What do you mean? I’m getting madder by the second? Does that word even exist? Madder?”
“Yes it does. And actually, just in case you had not realized, we are all mad: we are all currently speaking to ourselves you know?”
He felt like he will soon have a headache.
“You especially are just.. more insane than the rest of us. And I am pretty sure your situation is only getting worse.”
“But what do you mean? How could I get worse, madder??”
“Well, you have seen the shadow guy yes? Does he seem sane to you?”
“See? You are still capable to determine that he is crazy. The day you think his actions make sense would be the day you have gone completely mad.”
They suddenly all looked around, uneasy.
“What? Why are you all reacting like that?”
“Someone is waking us up, roughly. We don’t have time anymore, leave us and go. But do come back when I call for you.”
“Huh? How?”
The nerd looked startled.
“What do you mean by how? How did you come here in the first place???”
“Huh? I woke up here! Just after getting knocked out by a, a.. a sink?”
Wait, had he really been knocked out by a fucking SINK ?
He had not realized that the faces around him had gone from surprised to scared. The nerd looked at the bodyguard who nodded, went to Kali-en wen took his arm to drive him away.
“Hey! What’s going on? What are you doing?”
“Sorry pal, but you really need to go, you are getting every one of us in real danger here”
“Only one of us can be here when the body wakes up, otherwise we mi-“
Kali-en’s eyes snapped open as Zephyr slapped him, for the seventh time.
Kali-en got up before falling to his knees, confused by We were too late! all those damn voices What is going on? Wait, no, there were not We need to leave here, we are all going to die at this pace! voices, but more like separated thoughts.
Kali-en walked a few paces on all fours, trying to get his bearings.
“Dude, you okay? Did I slap him to much?”
Kali-en turned his head to look at the guy. Who was the shadows! he again? He could not remember Don’t get near the shadows! his name, but he remembered him as the fake soldier.
A powerful headache came to his head as he began to hear whispers.
For fuck’ sake! Listen to me when I’m speaking to you!
Don’t get near the shadows! his name, but he remembered him as the fake soldier.
A powerful headache came to his head as he began to hear whispers.
As Kali-en looked around, he saw a patch of shadows near one of Yes! Those ones! Get away from them! the doors. He tried to concentrate on his limbs when he saw a black crystal that seemed Stop trying to help him! You’re making things worse! Just leave! embedded in his arm. What the What is this feeling? What’s going on? fuck was Oh crap! He noticed us! going on?
Kali-en all face first despite being on all fours. With what he thought to be a considerable amount of effort, he managed to sat and look around.
The Shadow-inside-the-cat-woman-guy was suddenly in front of him, DON’T LOOKT AT HIS EYES! he grabbed him and seemed to growl as he looked at his eyes.
Kali-en’s head swiped from left - where the doors full of shadows were – to right, his head seemed to get clear of his jumbled thoughts.
Well, that was one hell of an experience. What did just happen?
"Good morning baby cakes, feeling Washed out a bit? Now don't let your heart Sink just because you got Flushed out by your own gods fucking incompetence! Now will you get up from your ass or should i continue? I have eough of these to go all night! UP!"

“Fuck you”, as Kali-en got up, surprisingly feeling way better, he looked back toward the entrance: no patch of shadows were in sight.. Did he imagine all that?

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