Summary of the Setting (original, non discriptive)

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Summary of the Setting (original, non discriptive)

Post by -_CreepeR_- on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:01 am

Heart of the Beast RP

Nobody knows where the titanic beasts known as Azuri came from, but one thing is for sure, they have always been there for as long as this world stood. The first races of the world lived in constant fear of the mighty beasts destroying their tiny lives, and it seemed that this balance would remain unchanged forever. One by one the ancient races perished, by the hand sands of time, the wrath of gods or the claws of the Beasts. Soon only the crafty Cauhri remained. Hidden in the darkness of the forests and the cold dampness of the caves they were destined to eventually meet the same fate as the one that had befallen the mighty Grato and majestic Fartrey races before them. Or so they thought, anyway. Nobody remembers how many thousands of years ago the first Beastmaster was born – a hero whose name is lost to time, who fought and tamed the first Great Beast. Soon other Beastmasters were born, and finally after an untold number of eons the world seemed to calm down.
Or did it?
Using the overwhelming strength of the titanic beasts the Cauhri Beastmasters soon conquered the entirety of the Karadun continent, taming the wild beasts and killing those too wild, eventually building an empire to rival the gods themselves. But great power bears great temptation. As centuries past, the Beastmasters have begun to see themselves as far superior to the normal Cauhri. Their armies and wealth grew at the expense of the lower classes. Eventually they decided that the entire world must belong to them. The eastern continent of Zengar did not stand much of a chance against the overwhelming power of the new Xelith Empire, and was swiftly conquered, despite its massive size. The few lucky enough to escape found their way to the tiny continent of Raveros in the west. Separated from the empire by a violent sea and having no beastmasters of its own it remained relatively safe.

Despite being unable to get their powerful land beasts across the sea, the Xelith Empire still continued to furiously assault Raveros using flying and sea born Titans. Forced into an endless war, the kingdoms of Raveros banded together and built a great wall, which lined the entire continent on all sides. However the Empire, convinced of its divine right, never stopped trying to conquer the Walled Kingdom. That assault is still going on even now, a thousand years later. The current year is 1247 Of the Empire and my name Arbos Xell – the spectre that’s seen the end of time.

The story begins in a small village Eriuir , to the north of the Zengar continent. The village is set very close to the Venoire mountains where the Empire mines a big bulk of its Null Crystals – magical stones that possess the ability to absorb and store elements and effects, to be used later. Tired of having most grown men and women worked to death in the mines, the main protagonist rises up against the local garrison and, with a help of a few trusted friends, kills them all. Surprised at his/her own abilities the hero consults the village’s Shaman, who unveils unto him/her that he/she is a Nullomancer – a person capable of imbuing the Null crystals into their bodies and recharge them over time, thus allowing them to be used multiple times, as opposed to a single discharge. Recognizing that some of his/her friends have similar abilities the Hero aims to set out on a quest to crush the empire that oppressed his people for so long.
As a blessing the Shaman then gives the Hero a magical ring, in which lies sealed a spectre – the guardian of the village for the last 200 years. She explains that 200 years ago Arbos used to be a genius master thief and a Nullomancer much like the hero himself. In his time he found a way to store shadows and whispers in the crystals and used that ability to rob even the most powerful of beastmasters. Eventually Arbos found a way to store the very night itself, creating a powerful artefact known as the Moonstone, that would immediately cause the night to fall once used. However the God of the Sun Janur became enraged at this disturbance to the natural order and burned away Arbos’ body, condemning him to forever lurk the earth in the shadows as a ghost, an incorporeal spectre that cannot live in the light. Distraught, Arbos returned to his home village and asked his friend – a shaman, to seal him away until such a time that he can come up with a way to reverse the curse. The Shaman agreed and bound Arbos to a crystal, which he then had the blacksmith imbue into a warded ring. The wards on the ring would allow Arbos to survive in the light once summoned. Arbos questioned the shaman’s decision to defy the gods, to which the shaman promptly replied with a snort that maybe he’d give a gnoll’s ass about the gods if he was a cleric, but as a shaman – spirits were all that mattered.
Arbos then fell into a two centuries long slumber inside the ring, waiting for such a time that he’d be able to regain his former self.
Such a time has come now. Armed with the knowledge of the Nullomancy, and with the wisdom of a spectre at his aid, the Hero and his friends will now set out on a journey to reshape the world. But which route will they take? Will they head south, to try and rouse the other villages into an all-out rebellion? Or maybe they will head east, to try and cross the sea in order to join Raveros in their fight? Who knows, maybe they will head north, to where the fabled free beasts roam in order to try and tame one? Or maybe… they will head straight to the west, into the heart of Xelith, to try and shake the empire from within, hoping to set the Bestmasters against one another? Only time will tell.



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