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Post a funny joke!

Post by -_CreepeR_- on Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:33 am

Basically with the discovery of Louie (thanks to Wolf) i'm in the mood for some comedy. Rules of the game are simple - Try to post a joke that is funnier that the one above. If you can't - just say "Win!" and then post your joke for others to top! Any kind of subject material is allowed, we're all grown ups with healthy sense of humor. We'll see who has the funniest jokes in the end Very Happy By the end of the month the person with most "win" jokes will get a "Comedian of the Month" badge. (awesome, i know, right? lol) I'll start:

"Last night me and my girlfriend watched three DVDs back to back. Luckily I was the one facing the telly."



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