Power of the Names

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Power of the Names

Post by balis on Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:48 am

-- From the anonymous reports stored in the Great Central Library of Raveros, chapter 31 / year 220 --

The Science Department has finally come to a conclusion regarding the “influence” the priests from this mysterious sect can exercise to a relatively close group of people. Below is the un-tempered report we got from them:
This power we have been investigating is only given to the highest branch of the sect – only 5 high priests and 2 high priestesses are concerned. According the agent we planted, the more prayers and sacrifices they do, the more influence they can have on someone.
There are 2 requirements one must meet in order to enter their cult (our agent had to go through this too): do not believe in any other gods or have their benediction, and give your name to one of the high priests.
From these facts (and others we linked from the agent’s reports), we can safely assume that to have any influence on someone, the victim must willingly give out his name, and not benefit from the graces of any god or goddess.
The agent described the influence as a voice that appeared in his mind, barely a whisper at first. As years went by, the whisper became a voice that could give him direct, albeit short and simple, orders. We believe the time required to be able to give a direct order (that would directly go against the will of the target) is approximately 10 years (it depends on the amount of time the high priest accord to this influence). From what we could gather, only two of the high priests were able to give direct orders to a target under 1 year of influence.
One high priest can influence, on a lower scale -- one example was making a coward person go completely paranoid, up to a hundred targets.
We believe the source of this power is the life force of the caster: every time they use that influence, their body visibly ages. The oldest high priest alive cannot walk nor eat by his own.
From this report, we can safely assume those conclusions:
- The power uses your life force as a catalyst
- Once you willingly give out your name, a high priest can open a “canal” of communication to your subconscious, influencing it.
- If a canal has been opened for more than 8 years, the high priest is likely to give order to your conscious part, influencing the actions of your body
- You are protected from this power if :
 o You have the protection of any god or goddess
o You have the unyielding will of a Shaman
o You have the protection of the nature (protection most likely found in the Druids, or the Selkie race)


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