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Nullomancy for Dummies

Post by -_CreepeR_- on Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:49 am

Hokay, now that we have more or less covered the crystals, time to delve deeper into the principles by which this worlds most awesome magic works. (Don't worry, this part is actually easy as fuck)

Alright, so we all remember that normally null crystals can only be used once before needing to be recharged again, meaning their charge does not replenish itself. Nullomancers don't have that problem.

A Nullomancer is a person who can embed a charged Null crystal in their body and use it's charge several times. The embedded crystal will recharge itself back up after some time (depends on the charge). Awesome, ain't it? Yes, it is.

So why not go around embedding everything? We'll be completely baws, right? Eeehhh... no. Bad idea. Let me explain why.

First of all, in order to use the power boost (explained below) and recharge, the crystal must be Embedded. How do you do that? Simple: You take a knife, cut your arm/leg/back/arse/skin open and then insert the crystal (charged) into the wound. You then Bandage the thing up. It will always take between one and two days for the wound to heal and the crystal become usable. If you use the crystal before it is fully healed in it will expend the charge and won't recharge back up. The process cannot be sped up using medicine. Ugh... not exactly the most pleasant process, now is it?

Well alright, you are one bodaciously badass bro, and some itsy bitsy cut won't stump your manly bro-ness. After all you can always just rip the damned thing out and replace it once you found a better crystal, right? Right? Wrong. Every time you use an embedded crystal it gets more and more "integrated" into your body. Going so far as to form blood paths within itself, much like a tumor would. While the crystal will never cause you pain, unless you stored some kind of parasitic effect, removing older crystals becomes a very hard and painful task. That's why it is not recommended to embed the crystals any deeper than in your skin. So choose wisely what to embed or what not to, after all, there's only so many crystals one can embed before running out of skin.

Well, don't be disheartened, my dear bodacious dude. There's some radical pros to embedding as well. Every crystal, once embedded will significantly increase it's power and capacity. The usual increase to both, once embedded is x2. So for example if you stored 5 cubic meters of fire at 900 degrees, once embedded your crystal will power up to 10 cubic meters of fire at 1800 degrees. Now that is one bigass fireball right there.
But you might ask me, Cree, what if my charge does not have the aspect of "power" to it? Good question, kid. Charges used to store physical elements, such as water, rock, or air that only use the "capacity" form, will instead of powering up x2 power up to the power of 2. So if you for example had 100 litres of water stored in your crystal, once you embed it that number will jump to 10,000 Litres. Holy fuck, right?! Just think of the things you could do with this much water!? That would be one massive wet t-shirt parteh!

Now a cautios person will ask: "Cree, i remember that a charged crystal can be released by contact with an empty one. That's how all crystal based appliances in this world work. Should i hide my crystals under clothes or armor?" Good catch little dude, but you don't have to worry about that. Once embedded the crystal cannot be released by contact with an empty shard! Moreover as long as even the non-embedded crystal remains in contact with a Nullomancer it cannot be released physically. So nobody is gonna whack you into your fire crystal and make you go BOOM my friend. Also the Imperial Fire arrows won't work on you either, since (say it with me) once the crystal release tip comes in contact with you it cannot be disharged. Woo! Btw, Nullomancer can release crystals at will by contact without using an empty shard.

Another important thing to remember is that a Nullomancer's release cannot be used to charge other crystals. Nullomantic magic gets mixed in with teh charge when you release it and gets in the way of that. So sorry, no imba infinite copying your most powerful charges. Go make a charger, you lazy ass.

HOKAY, now on to control of your bodaciously radical super imba magic known as Nullomancy.

Nullomancers have fairly good control over their released charge. Let's take fire for example. You wouldn't be able to make a tiny dancing fire pony or a fire elemental for you to control. But you can control the release rate and form. So if you want you can release the flames in a stream which you could then control, much like Goku can control his released Kamehameha. Or you could make a fireball. Whatever yo.

With the exception of some contact type charges your point of release can be anywhere within 1 meter of your body. This will of course be different for some charges, but 1 meter is a solid average. So you don't have to release your charge from the embedded crystal. That means you can embed crystals on your back or wherever, without getting inconvenienced it battle. Mind you there are some types of charges that will require to be released ONLY from the embedded crystal and on contact. So before choosing a place to embed your crystal i strongly recommend consulting a professional. He might be a dick after sleeping for 200 years but if you ask nicely he should help you. Or, yanno, you could always bribe him with boobs. And i don't mean in-game only, hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Nullomancers can also use several crystals at once for different combination effects. Play around with that to get the most power out of what you have. But again, i recommend speaking to the spectre first. Wouldn't want to accidentally wipe out your entire team because yout though that mixing in oxygen into your fireball while it's still in your hand was a good idea.

Smaller crystals will hold smaller charge but also recharge much quicker, so as a benchmark aim to embed several smaller shards instead of aiming to get one bigass crystal embedded. Not only will it be more comfortable and less restrictive, but there are also more practical benefits. Let's say you take the standard size shard and charge it with fire. With high enough purity it should hold a sizeable fireball and have a recharge time of roughly 3 seconds. So you take 15 of those shards and embed them. Congratulations, you can now fire 5 fucking fireballs per second. Fucking Radical.

P.S. charged crystals change color depending on charge and also glow as they release it, so you can seriously makes yourself look like a human (cauhri) disco ball, hahahahahhaa.



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