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Far Cry 3

Post by -_CreepeR_- on Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:59 am

I fucking love my laptop. Everyone and their mothers told me that i could never play FC3 on it. Hell the official "Will it Run" app on the AMD website told me that i have more chances of getting funky with Jenna Louise Coleman than i did of running the damned game. Yet it did! The little bugger pulled through and i managed to finish the game. And holy shit was this game good.

Not great, but good. I don't remember ever having as much fun playing stealthily in a videogame, EVER. For someone who generally hates stealth, taking out the outposts undetected was completely unexpectedly a fuckton of fun. Finding a vantage point, observing the camp, marking enemies, locating the alarm switches in case i was discovered, and then procedurally taking the buggers out one. by. one. All the while constantly shifting your position in order to get a shot on the bastards who took cover and avoid the mad berserkers that rushed the position which the first shot came from. And then... sitting there for 5 minutes in silence, wondering why the camp hasn't converted yet - waiting for one last unmarked guy to show up. Only to realize that i in fact annihilated them all so perfectly from such a distance that the bloody cutscene didn't trigger. Walk closer - watch the cutscene - greet your allies - hear one of them scream "yeah! It's all me! It's ALL ME baby!" - resist the urge to put a .50cal right through his ear.

The story was also interesting, always keeping you in suspense and guessing. Having finished the game i STILL don't know whether some of those characters were really who they claimed to be. The character of Vaas was great, but not in an enjoyable way. I wanted to kill that motherfucker. Badly. And after a literally trippy fight sequence i didn't even get the pleasure of seeing his corpse. Hell for the next three hours i wondered whether that fight was a hallucination or not. At least the final boss gave the pleasure, after similar fight sequence, to see him... and two dozen of his men splattered across the floor. Apparently in a mad rage i fucked them all up using only a knife. ....they had machineguns. Cough. Note to self: Don't piss off Jason Brody.

All in all the game would've been just "okay" if not for how GOOD the weapons felt. Also even on my minimal setting the game is simply beautiful. So much so that the "Best View of the Game" award goes any of the scenes overseeing the island from a high point, and not the scene where topless Citra was riding me like there was no tomorrow. If you're gonna play the damned game i SERIOUSLY recommend going for stealth. Invest in a rifle, buy a scope and a silencer, and then have all the fun in the world. (Did i mention that doing outposts without detection gives you 3x times the exp? Well, now you know). Fun game, albeit a bit on the short side in terms of story. But then again it's an open world game, so if you want to gather everything, kill every kind of animal, craft every kind of gear, find every relic and do every side quest and challenge - i suggest clearing up an entire week, cause that will take a LOOOOONG time.



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